Multimedia and Design

Offers diverse systems, websites, online learning, multimedia, and consistent support across university departments.


Tools Development

Develops supporting software, web services, extensions, Third-Party Integration, and APIs to enhance university services.


Learning Management System (Deployment & Customization)

Empowers learners with high-quality education delivered by e-learning systems specifically tailored to meet their needs, fostering innovation, collaboration, lifelong learning, and ongoing communication even after graduation.

Content Development

Content Development

Empowers the university by creating and developing interactive educational content for academic courses and enhancing content for the university's electronic systems and websites.


e-Exam System

Empowers learners by providing them with innovative and user-friendly assessment tools, promoting fair evaluation, critical analysis, collaboration, and lifelong learning.


Interactive Lectures

Empowers learners through a vibrant, collaborative educational experience that nurtures critical thinking, encourages active engagement, fosters effective communication, and promotes self-assessment, all contributing to the acquisition of enduring knowledge.

Online Lectures

Synchronous Online Lectures

Empowers learners by providing them with tools and programs compatible with e-learning systems for live remote lecture broadcasting, enriched with interactive questions to enhance participation and critical thinking.


Solution Administration and Assistance

Empowers administrators by providing them with continuous support for various university systems, such as the University's E-Portal, the electronic archiving system (DMS), the Learning Management System (LMS), and other systems developed by the Center.

Web Development

Web Development

Elevates the university through the utilization of the latest technologies to update and enhance its website, aligning it with global and local standards and ensuring user-friendliness for all website visitors.

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