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The redesign of the university's website aims to enhance its dynamism, granting faculties and departments the flexibility to independently update and design their pages. Moreover, an internal approval system has been introduced for online publication. Additionally, the center was able to successfully integrate the website with registration systems to display program data and information.

Vclass (1)


Moodle is an open-source information management system, that empowers online education. It is used for planning, implementing, and evaluating both traditional and blended learning processes, as well as full remote learning. The learning Management System (LMS) provides learners with the ability to utilize interactive features and tools such as discussion forums, meetings, and virtual classrooms to create educational experiences or customizable e-learning environments.

Balqa (1)

Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies & Al-Balqa Journal for Health and Applied Sciences Websites 2021

The HEC team developed and maintained a comprehensive journal website, streamlining the entire process from paper submission to automated research application, approval, and publication.

Career (2)

AAU careers Portal

The electronic recruitment system is a web-based platform designed to attract local and international candidates to fill vacancies at Al-Ahliyya Amman University. Users of the system can apply for vacant positions, suggest suitable job openings to friends or colleagues, track the status of their applications, and access other services related to the job application process.

DMS (1)

Document Management System (DMS)

The electronic correspondence and archiving system are designed to manage official communications and messages exchanged within and outside the university.

Portal (1)

AAU Portal

The AAU Portal offers administrative and academic staff the capability to access their personal profiles and conveniently review and monitor administrative and academic electronic requests for all staff members.

Exams (1)

Exams Solutions

A system that facilitates creating non-overlapping exam schedules, reserving rooms and labs, and assigning exam supervisors efficiently.

Teams (1)


Microsoft Teams is used for delivering lectures remotely, creating presentations, facilitating discussions, communicating with students and instructors, submitting assignments, setting goals and tasks, and much more. Faculty members can create virtual classrooms and add students to them, upload educational materials, documents, audio and video files, and present them. Online exams can be conducted, and interactive activities can be created to enhance learning.

Classpoint (1)


ClassPoint is an interactive program that helps faculty members establish strong direct interaction with students and improve their learning outcomes. It allows for conducting short quizzes with students, collecting their responses, evaluating them, and storing the data and analytics for feedback. This program integrates with PowerPoint slides, enhancing interactivity by embedding question buttons directly into the slides. Throughout the presentation, instructors can simply click these buttons to trigger student responses, collect them, and save them.

Mobile (1)

AAU Portal Mobile App

The AAU Portal Mobile App offers a smartphone interface for the staff portal (Android/iOS), allowing employees to access their personal profiles, submit academic and administrative requests, and monitor their progress.

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