Smart Classrooms 



The center features a smart lab equipped with 21 high-quality computers connected to a central device in the room. Instructors or trainers can control all computers from this central device and display the content they desire on the projector screen or on the computer screens. This lab is used to train academic and administrative staff at the university on the latest developments in the systems and programs offered by the center to serve the university and its students.






An equipped recording room with audio and video recording equipment, a green screen background, and proper lighting to produce interactive lecture content suitable for various educational courses. The HEC team works on recording the lectures, editing the audio and video, creating interactive questions, and publishing the final material on the VCLASS system.






The center features an advanced auditorium that can accommodate up to 91 seats. The auditorium is equipped with audio and visual systems to facilitate both in-person and remote meetings, enabling global participation simultaneously. Additionally, it serves as the main venue for academic, administrative, and social activities.

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