14 October 2019

Orientation day - Faculty of Engineering

Orientation day for freshmen students starting their studies at AL Ahliyya Amman University for engineering faculty in which will take place on 14 October 2019 in Al-Hourani Elearning Auditorium.<br>We highly recommend attending this day, as it is the best opportunity to ask all the questions that may arise during your first days at the allows freshmen students to know each other even before classes start.<br>During this day there are certain things student must do, such as making them familiar of their advisory plan, ensuring that they complete their enrolment, and some other activities.<br>In this day, new student will have the opportunity to:<br>1. Find out about their program of study.<br>2. Meet their fellow students, lecturers and find their way around their university.<br>3. Find out more about university’s support systems and resources.<br>The students will visit the following facilities:<br>1. Deanship of student’s affairs.<br>2. Admission & registration.<br>3. Al-hourani E-learning Center.<br>4. Arena complex.<br>5. Transportation Unit.<br>6. Accommodation.<br>7. Medical Services.<br>8. Business Incubator.<br>9. Hearing & speech center .<br>10. Library. for


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