12 February 2020

erasmus bradford internship

Internship/ work placement opportunities for AAU students at Bradford University Under the Erasmus+ Programme for the Summer 2020 in the following areas: Internships / Work Placement Areas – •Automotive Engineering Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Applications•Big Data 3D Visualisation using Virtual Reality and Data Augmentation•Responsible Artificial Intelligence: ethics, efficiency, explainability metrics for AI tools•Mind Power: EPOC+ driven mobile applications•AAA Transport/Aviation Logistics Using Mobile and Big Data Applications•Smart City mobile device applications•Intelligent Network ServicesInternships / Work Placement Areas – Life Sciences •Personalized medicine, Machine learning, Genomics & Skin Disorders;•The laterality and refractive associations of amblyopia (lazy eye);•The genetic and environmental factors associated with amblyopia development;•Analysis of the glucose response in skin and hair cells;•Assessment of thermomechanical behaviour of polymeric patches for buccal drug delivery system; Deadline to submit the application: 01/03/2020 to the International department at AAU When: May 2020 – August 2020Duration: 2 months (minimum)Funding: €900 per month + TravelWo can apply? Undergraduate and Postgraduate students Interested students please visit the International department



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