Program Description

Physical Therapy


The program aims to graduate qualified and trained therapists within a well-structured study plan that provides the students with updated learning methods to keep pace with global developments in the field of Physiotherapy to enable the students to compete at local, regional, and international levels. In addition to the facilitation of scientific research in Physiotherapy, which contributes to serving the community and the medical/health sector in this field.

Physical Therapy

Number Of Credit Hours

4 (1)

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements of the Bachelor degree in the Physical Therapy program include a High School Certificate or equivalent in the following:


  • Scientific
  • Scientific - Medical Field
  • Comprehensive Health Education

Job Opportunities

  • Rehabilitation centers.
  • Orthopedic clinics.
  • Health care centers.
  • Hospitals.
  • Pediatric clinics.
  • Ministry of Health
  • Nursing and elderly homes

Study Plans and Program Files

Educational Objectives


Educational Objectives


Student Outcomes


Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes

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