Program Description

Financial Technology


Financial Technology (Fintech) is a scientific field designed to provide students with various knowledge and practical skills that properly qualifies them to interact with the modern business environment. This is done through connecting financial, technological, and economic concepts with the business world. This program will enable the graduates of this department to join various public and private institutions, including banking institutions, forex companies, insurance companies, investment and brokerage firms, financial markets, multinational corporations, and a multitude of companies in various industries. This program also enables the graduates to pursue higher education in universities worldwide.

Financial Technology

Number Of Credit Hours

4 (1)

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements of the Bachelor degree in the Financial Technology program include a High School Certificate or equivalent in the following:


  • Scientific
  • Scientific - Medical Field
  • Scientific - Engineering Field
  • Scientific - Pure Sciences Field
  • Literary
  • Comprehensive Health Education
  • Informatics Administration
  • Sharia
  • Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Household Economy

Job Opportunities


This Department enable the graduates to join the various public and private institutions, including the banking institutions, such as the central bank and commercial banks, as well as insurance companies, investment firms, financial planning, money managing, insurance and real estate and other financial institutions. It also enables them to pursue higher education in the Arab and foreign universities.

Study Plans and Program Files

Educational Objectives


Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's):


  • PLO1: Define the fundamental principles and concepts of business and technology disciplines.
  • PLO2: Apply business and technology strategies and best practices to develop innovative solutions.
  • PLO3: Analyze business problems and opportunities.
  • PLO4: Evaluate solution alternatives in order to achieve informed decision –making.
  • PLO5: Demonstrate understanding of ethical implications of business practices.
  • PLO6: Demonstrate effective and collaborative teamwork skills.
  • PLO7: Demonstrate effective oral communication skills in business settings.
  • PLO8: Demonstrate effective written communication skills in business settings.



  • Comp 1: Discipline-Specific Conceptual Knowledge
  • Comp 2: Ethical Competencies
  • Comp 3: Collaborative Teamwork Skills
  • Comp 4: Oral Communication skills
  • Comp 5: Written Communication skills


Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

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