Program Description

Electronic Business and Commerce


The Faculty of Business at Al-Ahliyya Amman University is keen to keep pace with technical progress and offer distinct specializations that focus on the use of information technology in the business environment, such as the business and e-commerce major, which clarifies the basic concepts of e-business and e-commerce, various electronic business models; The internal and external factors affecting the adoption and promotion of business in the context of the electronic business environment and identifying the methods of continuous employment for the development of electronic media in the service of the business environment.

The E-Business and Commerce program consists of 132 credit hours. The duration of the specialization is four years of full-time study. The study plan consists of 48 credit hours that cover the requirements of the university and the compulsory requirements of the college, while it consists of 84 credit hours distributed between the compulsory specialization requirements, the supporting materials for the specialization in addition to the optional specialization requirements.

Electronic Business and Commerce

Number Of Credit Hours

4 (1)

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements of the Bachelor degree in the Electronic Business and Commerce program include a High School Certificate or equivalent in the following:


  • Scientific
  • Scientific - Medical Field
  • Scientific - Engineering Field
  • Scientific - Pure Sciences Field
  • Literary
  • Comprehensive Health Education
  • Informatics Administration
  • Industrial
  • Sharia
  • Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Household Economy

Job Opportunities

  • Management and development of technology-based business systems
  • Business systems analysis and design
  • Database analysis, design and management
  • Information systems project management
  • Information center management
  • Information systems testing and review
  • database administrator

Study Plans and Program Files

Educational Objectives


Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's):


  • PLO1: Define the fundamental principles and concepts of business and technology disciplines.
  • PLO2: Apply business and technology strategies and best practices to develop innovative solutions.
  • PLO3: Analyze business problems and opportunities.
  • PLO4: Evaluate solution alternatives in order to achieve informed decision –making.
  • PLO5: Demonstrate understanding of ethical implications of business practices.
  • PLO6: Demonstrate effective and collaborative teamwork skills.
  • PLO7: Demonstrate effective oral communication skills in business settings.
  • PLO8: Demonstrate effective written communication skills in business settings.



  • Comp 1: Discipline-Specific Conceptual Knowledge
  • Comp 2: Ethical Competencies
  • Comp 3: Collaborative Teamwork Skills
  • Comp 4: Oral Communication skills
  • Comp 5: Written Communication skills



Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

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