Program Description

Cosmetic Science


In line with the Al-Ahliyya Amman University vision and mission to provide excellence in teaching, learning and academic research with a high quality of international standards. The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences decided to launch a new bachelor’s degree curriculum in cosmetic sciences. The program is a pioneer one, as it is the first in Jordan and the region. This program will provide the opportunity of combined academic studies and practical training in cosmetics. The program aims to offer a professional staff in all sectors of cosmetic sciences with high ability to develop to serve the community. The B.S. program, is a 139 credit hour program, during which the students will study various modules covering several areas of knowledge including basic sciences, pharmaceutical and medical sciences related to cosmetic science, cosmetic formulations and manufacturing, management and communication skills and cosmetic regulations, and a graduating research project. The program also includes field training in three sectors of cosmetics, namely; cosmetic industries and importers, skin and hair care centers, pharmacies (cosmetics section) and in dermatologists’ clinics. The graduates of cosmetic sciences are distinguished by the strong scientific background along with the practical experience. Graduates can run and work in cosmetic centers, cosmetic factories, beauty salons, and working as dermatologist assistants.

Cosmetic Science

Number Of Credit Hours

4 (1)

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements of the Bachelor degree in the Cosmetic Science program include a High School Certificate or equivalent in the following:


  • Scientific
  • Scientific - Medical Field
  • Comprehensive Health Education

Job Opportunities

  • Establishing and opening skin care and cleaning centres.
  • Working in dermatology clinics and cosmetic centres.
  • Working in general organization for Food and Drug Administration / Department of Registration and Importation of Cosmetic Products.
  • Working in pharmaceutical warehouses/cosmetics department.
  • Working in major pharmacies/cosmetics department.
  • Working companies marketing cosmetics.

Study Plans and Program Files

Educational Objectives


Educational Objectives


PEO1. Provide students with the necessary cognitive adequacies.
PEO2. Developing the professional skills for students.
PEO3. Commitment to the business ethics.
PEO4. Meet the needs of local and regional labor market.
PEO5. Keeping pace with the latest technological developments in the labor market.
PEO6. Encouraging and developing the academic staff members’ competencies and the scientific research.
PEO7. Employing resources and cosmetic laboratories for serving the community.

Student Outcomes


  • A systematic understanding of the basic and clinical sciences relevant to the practice of cosmetic specialist.
  • Master a range of transferable (key) skills in scientific, logical, critical and creative thinking and utilize such skills in professional and personal life.
  • Acquire good aesthetic practice competencies required for cosmetic specialist practice.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills, including effective use of relevant information technologies.
  • Awareness of the legal, ethical and commercial context of aesthetic practice.
  • Insight into research and scientific method.


Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes


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