Master in Criminal Law




Major Requirement


Total Credit Hours

Major Requirement - 24 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 15 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0417901 Research Methods 3 This module is aiming at Introducing the student to the basics, importance and role of legal scientific research and covering the various stage of scientific research preparation by addressing research ethics and methods of protecting intellectual property. Also, explains the structural framework of legal research, methodologies, citations and referencing in order to comply with requirements of model legal research. It further teaches the student how to prepare master?s dissertation in accordance with the regulations of High studies Deanship at Al-Ahliyya Amman University.
A0417204 Specialized Studies in Islamic Criminal legislation 3 Study the general theories of crime in Islamic law and criminal responsibility in Islamic law and explain the types of crimes in Islamic law which are limits, retribution and ta'zir with a statement of the provisions for each of these categories, and clarify the aggravating and mitigating conditions of punishment in Islamic law, the reasons for justification in Islamic law, and identification of the judiciary and its stages in Islam with an applied study of one of the topics.
A0417205 Specialized Studies in Special crimes 3 Study patterns of emerging crimes, with a focus on one of these crimes, especially cybercrime. Study the general theories in cyber-crime, the distinct characteristics of cybercrime, categories of criminals in cybercrime, the patterns developed in cybercrime and its relationship to organized crime with a focus on the special provisions of cybercrime with a statement of cooperation International Anti-Cyber Crime, or Trafficking in Persons The special provisions for the crimes of human trafficking, Or money laundering crimes in terms of defining the nature of money laundering crimes, along with stating the pillars of the money laundering crime, its distinctive characteristics, various patterns of money laundering, criminal responsibility, provisions for these crimes, responsibility for not reporting these crimes, and the exceptional powers of the Public Prosecution and the court Against the perpetrators of these crimes. Or terrorism crimes: a study and analysis of the concept of terrorism, explaining the characteristics of terrorism crimes and their different patterns, the different causes of terrorism and its different means, the position of national legislation, international covenants on terrorism, special roles for terrorist crime, a statement of legislative confrontation to finance terrorism, courts competent to consider terrorism crimes, the extent of the availability of international responsibility for terrorism crimes and the threat to international peace and security And international efforts to combat terrorism, Or economic crimes and the statement of attribution in economic crimes, with consideration of the application of the economic penal law in terms of time and patterns of economic crime and its definition, along with a statement of the roles for economic crimes and the exceptional powers of the Public Prosecution in economic crimes, as well as the authority of the Public Prosecution to reconcile with economic crimes and jurisdiction with regard to economic crimes. Or state security crimes study the general theory of crime and explain the distinct characteristics of state security crimes and the exceptional roles of state security crimes with a description of patterns of external and internal state security crimes and a study of the judicial authorities competent to consider state security crimes and their formation and their compatibility with the natural judge principle.
A0417206 Specialized Studies in Drugs Crimes 3 A study in terms of its various types in terms of possession, trafficking, industry, import, special roles for drug crimes, legalization cases in dealing with drugs and the competent courts, considering drug crimes, the exceptional powers of the competent court, provisions for drug crime and the legal confrontation of addiction cases and the specialized center
A0417203 Specialized Studies in crime theory 3 Study the general theory of crime and punishment; criminal responsibility, participation in crime, and study a specialized topic of criminal participation or criminal responsibility.

Elective Courses - 9 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0417402 Specialized Studies in Constitutional law 3 State: Elements, Characteristics, Origin, Forms, Submission to the Law, (Theories Explaining State Submission and Legal State Guarantees); Government: Forms of Government, Democracies, Rights and Freedoms; On the constitutionality of laws.
A0417111 The Jordanian Law of Civil Procedures 3
A0417209 Specialized Studies in Tax Evasion and Custom Smuggling 3 A study of the general theories of tax crimes and crimes of customs evasion, with an explanation of the distinctive characteristics of tax and customs crimes, a statement of their special roles that are distinct from ordinary crimes and their relationship to economic crimes, a statement of the exceptional powers of tax and customs managers and ways to challenge the rulings of tax and customs courts with a focus on one of the special issues.
A0417207 Specialized Studies in International Criminal Justice 3 Study the general theory in the international criminal judiciary: its various bodies and the statute of the International Criminal Court. The course also deals with the judicial response of international courts to serious and grave violations of international human rights standards and international humanitarian law that are described as international crimes. It examines the basic principles of international criminal responsibility and also deals with how the international community deals today with atrocities, brutal crimes committed and international criminal tribunals.
A0417213 Alternatives of Punishments 3
A0417503 Specialized Studies in Administrative law 3 The study of general theories in administrative law, administrative activity, and administrative organization: central and decentralized; means of management in achieving its objectives; Public service, administrative decisions, Administrative control and An applied study of a subject.
A0417208 Specialized studies in Organized Crime 3 Study general theories in organized crime, the distinct characteristics of organized crime, categories of criminals in organized crime, and patterns developed in organized crime with a focus on the special roles of organized crime with a statement of international cooperation to combat organized crime with an applied study of one of the special topics in organized crime.
A0417212 Specialized Studies in criminology and penology 3  Studying and analyzing methods of punitive treatment in penal institutions (correctional and rehabilitation centers, such as: education, religious and moral education, health and social care, work; Control of the criminal phenomenon in society with the best and most recent punitive methods.
A0417211 Specialized Studies in the Code of Criminal Procedures 3 Study the different stages of the criminal case and the authorities based on it and the procedural theories that regulate the stages that follow when the crime occurred and related to the initial research and the initial investigation, and the trial, and the methods of challenging criminal rulings, with studying a specialized topic from the topics of criminal principles in the methods of appeal and the theory of judgments.
A0417210 Specialized Studies in Public Service Crimes 3 A study of crimes against public Service , which are bribery and embezzlement crimes, investment in the job, and clarification of its own roles with an explanation of its relationship to economic crimes and its special roles distinct from it for the rest of the crimes of the Special Section in the Penal Code and the relationship of these crimes to economic crimes, with a focus on the Law of Prosecuting Ministers to clarify its relationship to these crimes and the statement of special criminal assets On trial of ministers.

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