Master in Government Administration




Major Requirement


Total Credit Hours

Major Requirement - 24 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 18 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0517109 Organizational Theory 3
A0517114 Strategy Formulation and Implementation 3
A0517502 Govermmental Legislation 3
A0517503 E-govermment 3 This course aims to equip students with a historical, technical and practical framework to better realize the chances, challenges, and limitations associated with e-government and the use of technology in administration. The course mainly focuses on the concept and applications of e-government, and will cover related managerial, administrative, technological and major policy issues in this context,plus a discussion of e-government in Jordan
A0517407 Budget Management 3 This course introduces the students to the main theories and practice of investments and portfolio management. The students will learn about various investment opportunities including real and financial assets; the investment environment including the money and capital markets; the investment process including identification of goals, data gathering and analysis etc?; and, decision making under a changing market environment. The material covered will include selection of assets, computation of risk and return of individual assets, asset allocation and portfolio formation, computation of risk and return of portfolios, measurement of portfolio performance and rebalancing of portfolios. Also included in the material will be topics such as forecasting, the use of indicators, and market and industry indexes, models such as the CAPM, mutual funds, domestic versus global investment etc.?
A0517307 Scientific Research Methodology 3 This course offers knowledge and skills to allow students to perform scientific research on the critical problems facing business and management. Topics include introduction to scientific research, problem description, literature review, theoretical structure, formulation of hypotheses, research design, methods of data collection, variable measurement, sampling, hypotheses testing, citation and referencing. 

Elective Courses - 6 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0517112 Knowledge Management 3 This course focuses on practices, tools, and techniques of knowledge management (KM) to deal with the challenges in organizations. Students will learn the concept of KM, Knowledge management foundations, and solutions: Infrastructure, Mechanisms, Technologies, Processes, and Systems. This Course addresses different contemporary aspects of knowledge management: intellectual capital, the learning organization, innovation, artificial intelligence, and data mining techniques. 
A0517309 Project Management 3 This course aims to equip students with introduction and definition of project management and all related managerial functions such as planning, organizing, implementation, and control at each stage project?s life cycle, Students will learn planning with limited resources, project evaluation and review techniques.
A0517504 Policy- and Decision- Making 3 This course focuses on the approaches that different business organizations use to gain the support of their employees and stakeholders when taking managerial decisions, they also make and solve multiple problems through a group of public policies. As these policies are characterized by the comprehensiveness, so it is imperative to take care of formulating them by taking strict and well-thought-out decisions with the aim of avoiding mistakes and achieving the chances of their success.
A0517308 Total Quality Management and Excellence 3 This course provides an understanding of various theories of quality management (QM). Students will learn how organizations can develop excellence through the adoption of continuous improvement and process management. The course analyzes and uses various process management techniques, continuous improvement tools, and strategies to improve quality. The conceptual and analytical skills acquired in this course enable students to provide leadership in shaping a culture for quality within an organization and determining the effectiveness of quality initiatives such as Total QM, Six Sigma, Process Capability, Process Control, and Customer Relationships.
A0517113 Organizational Behavior 3 This course aims to provide students with the advanced concepts of behavioral sciences of individuals within organizations through teaching students, the basic concepts of organization, diversity and employee culture, motivation to work, work pressures, perception, personality. Topics include leadership power and politics, conflict and negotiation, organizational culture, work motivation, and group effectiveness, understanding work team's communication, effective leadership in decision-making.?
A0517110 Human Resource Strategy 3 This course aims to enable students to focuses on the strategic roles which the human resources function and The Strategic role of people professionals play in creating the value to their organizations. In this course, students will learn the importance of aligning among Human Resource Management and Corporate strategy, build solutions for developing effective business strategy and Specific strategies such as: Organization Development Strategy, Human Capital strategy, Corporate Social Responsibilities Strategy, Organizational performance Strategy, Individual Performance Strategy, Employee Engagement Strategy ...etc. to achieve organizational success and the ability to implement any given business strategy.

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