Master in Intelligent Transportation Engineering



Major Requirement

Total Credit Hours

Major Requirement - 33 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 24 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0867618 Traffic Signal System Operations and Control 3 This course will focus on a traffic signal systems, traffic signals timing, actuation and detection systems and protocols. Traffic Responsive Control Concepts and Traffic Responsive Plan Selection will also be discussed. In addition, Adaptive Control Software (ACS) Concepts and transit signal propriety, and traffic simulation will be included.
A0867619 Advanced Pavement Analysis and Design 3 This course will cover basic principles of design, design methods, pavement evaluation, extra layer design, modern methods of designing asphalt mixtures, design of mixtures installed with improved materials, principles of design rigid pavement, design of rigid pavement, and stress in pavements. Quality control of mixtures, materials selection for pavement will be discussed as well.
A0867614 Data Analytics in Transportation Engineering 3 This course will start with introduction to data analytics and data science with their applications in transportation systems analysis. Review of experimental design, review of engineering statistics, regression analysis, time series regression, and regression and classification trees will also be discussed. The course will end with introduction to K-means clustering, principal component analysis (PCA) and introduction to machine learning algorithms.
A0867612 Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Engineering 3 This course introduces intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and provides the basis for intelligent transportation engineering (ITE) by considering its functionality, impacts, benefits and challenges. ITS architecture will be introduced with guiding standards. In addition, environmental and economic impacts of ITS will be discussed. Also, the ITS role in managing collected data from different applications such as Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) will be considered. Vehicle locations and route navigation and guidance concepts will be introduced. Traffic and incident management, planning and human factor issues in ITE are important elements that will be studied. Also, the important and critical issue of road safety will be discussed within the course.
A0867621 Research Methodology 1 This course will cover an introduction to research methods; elements of research process and development. Literature review and report writing will also be discussed, in addition to qualitative and quantitative research methods and design.
A0867613 Road Traffic Flow, Control and Simulation 3 This course will cover the topics of traffic flow theory, mathematical modeling of traffic, macroscopic and microscopic parameters, deterministic and probabilistic relations, fundamental diagram, queuing theory, traffic stream shockwaves, speed adaptation and cruise control, traffic signals control, O-D estimation. It will also cover on-line simulation and simulation-based optimization, calibration and validation of traffic simulation models, and the applications of traffic simulation models
A0867617 Advanced Public Transportation Systems 3 This course will focus on a review of selected concepts, principles, and methods associated with the application of information technologies in public transit. Emphasis will be placed on systems and technologies employed to deploy intelligent transportation system (ITS) within the intelligent transportation engineering, such as, user services including advanced traveler information systems, traffic signal control and priority, electronic payment systems and public transportation operations.
A0867620 Advanced Geometric Design 2 This course will cover principles of design and practice for rural and urban highway facilities, design criteria and controls, cross section selection, design of alignment, intersection, interchanges, safety analysis of highway design. Unconventional intersections designs and advanced computer applications to highway design problems will be included in the course.
A0867616 Optimization Techniques in Transportation Engineering 3 This course will cover topics related to optimization techniques. The course will start with linear optimization, convex problem, solving optimization problems using computer aided software, simplex method, duality, transportation problem, network optimization, genetic programing, heuristic programming, and goal programming.

Elective Courses - 9 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0867211 Communication Systems in Intelligent Transportation Engineering 3 This course will provide a summary of the components and functions of automotive sensors and mobile communications systems. It will cover an overview of RADAR sensor technology, radio channel modeling, smart antenna, medium access control, routing protocol, data dissemination, handover, security, mesh networking, road traffic estimation and monitoring with and location-based services.
A0867615 Infrastructure Asset management 3 This course will provide a summary of the several techniques of assessing intelligent transportation engineering in terms of infrastructure, short- and long-term maintenance planning, evaluation criteria, managing infrastructure capacities, decision making, Multiple Criteria Decisions Making (MCMD). The course will also use the engineering economic parameters including benefit-to-cost, Life Cycle Analysis to manage assets and infrastructure.
A0867608 Traffic Safety 3 This course will cover accident definition and categories, accident cost, factors affecting road accidents, roadway safety appraisal techniques, road safety measures, accident data collection, roadway design standards, traffic education, and law enforcement, before and after studies.
A0867622 Special Topics in Transportation Engineering 3 This course will cover important and recent topics in the area of intelligent transportation engineering that is not offered in the course plan of the program.
A0867212 GIS Applications in Transportation Engineering 3 This course will provide the required background related to the geographic information technology and the application of geo-informatics in transportation engineering. It will cover the topics of basic concepts of GIS, RS, GPS, and land-use and transportation data, Cartography, Coordinate & Reference systems, map generation and analysis, transportation network development and algorithms. In addition, transportation models and their applications in GIS will be discussed.

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