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University Requirement - 24 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 15 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0161201 English Communication Skills 3 Grammar: question tags, modals, future forms, articles, adjectives, adverbs, if structures; vocabulary: relationships, work, activities, media, war, sport; writing skills: essay, notes, messages, application letters; basic and advanced reading skills; basic and advanced listening skills; verbal skills: oral presentations, arguments.
A0161301 National Education 3 Concepts and terms; Geography of Jordan; contemporary political history of Jordan; Jordanian Society; Jordanian constitutional and democratic life; Jordanian national institutions; challenges facing Jordan; threats to civic life: fanaticism, extremism, terrorism, violence; corruption: definitions, types, causes, impact, and prevention.
A0161101 Arabic Communication Skills 3 Language levels: phonological level, grammatical level, rhetorical level, orthographic level, comprehension and speaking; grammar exercises, nominal sentences, verbal sentences, kana and its sisters, Inna and its sisters, dual, masculine plural, feminine plural, indeclinable nouns, vocative, appositives; exercises in morphology, present participle, and past participle; spelling and punctuation, dictionaries, listening and speaking.
A0161112 Leadership and Societal Responsibility 1 This course deals with prominent titles related to leadership, such as: the meaning of leadership, the vocabulary that falls under the term, leadership styles, leadership and social responsibility, change management and strategies, building an effective team, the leader and managing diversity, how to discover future leaders and support them, and women leaders.
A0161113 Life Skills 1 This course deals with the vital interest of the individual on the individual and collective level. It is like a passport to the success of individuals and helps them understand their personal competencies. It discusses the meaning of skills, their levels, characteristics and importance, communication skill and communication, and trains them on self-skills such as the skill of time management, organizing and defining it, and providing examples of its fields of application and activities. carried out by the students themselves. It also deals with thinking skills, its importance, education, and forms such as problem-solving and decision-making as forms of complex thinking or its strategies. The course also deals with training students on methods of dialogue and exchange of views as an entry point to resolving differences and mitigating frictions when we witness the openness of societies, correct study skills, family success and conservatism.
A0161401 Military Sciences 3 The establishment and development of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; the history of the Arab Legion; peacekeeping troops; preparing the nation for defense and liberation.
A0161111 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1 Economic science definition: its objectives and the economic problem; The relation between the economic science and other sciences; Economic analysis methods; Production possibilities curve; National income accounts; Consumption; Investment; Saving; Unemployment; Inflation; Money and Banking; Financial and monetary policy and its role in dealing with the imbalanced economy through these policies; Economic development in terms of importance and objectives and economic planning to achieve such objectives; Demand and supply theory and consumer equilibrium; Cost and production theory; Producer equilibrium in different markets.

Elective Courses - 6 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0161501 Islamic Culture 3 Definition of the culture, characteristics of the Islamic culture, Islamic culture and other cultures; the sources of Islamic culture: The Holy Quran, Sunna, the Arabic language, history of Islam; fields of Islamic culture: faith, worship, morals; challenges facing the Islamic culture: orientalism, globalization, secularism; young people and the impacts of foreign cultures, women and Islam, Islam and terrorism.
A0161701 History of Jordan and Palestine 3 The geography of Jordan and Palestine, Jordan and Palestine in ancient times, general historical look, Jordan, and Palestine in the Mamluk era, Jordan, and Palestine during the First World War (1914- 1918), Emirate of East Jordan (Transjordan), constitutional and legislative life in Jordan, Palestine under the British Mandate, and Jordanian-Palestinian relations, Jerusalem, historical status.
A0161703 Archaeology and Tourism in Jordan 3 Tourism definition; Classification of Tourism; The difference between tourist and other traveler?s concepts, Travel types, The definition of Archaeology and archaeological sites: Archaeological surveys and excavations; Documentation; Jordan through the ages; Components of tourism in Jordan; Elements of tourist attractions in Jordan: Archeological sites, Natural sites, Natural reserves, Forests; Tourist movement and types in Jordan; Economical impact of tourism in Jordan.
A0161802 Development and Environment 3 The course provides awareness and insight into the environmental issue, its vocabulary, the human relationship with the ecosystem, and environmental hazards to avoid. It also works to develop students' understanding and awareness of basic ecological concepts, and to reinforce their attitudes and values, in order to practice solving environmental problems. And linking it to comprehensive development and its relationship to water, food and energy security.
A0161601 Contemporary Issues 3 Identify the most important contemporary local, national and regional issues, the most prominent contemporary challenges and their questions from development, youth, extremism, globalization, culture and identity; Jerusalem and its central position, the Arab-Israeli conflict
A0411601 Legal Education and Human Rights 3 This course identifying the basic concepts of human rights in an analytical way, and then realistic clarify of the international & regional means dealing with human rights such as treaties, recommendations and international means that are in the process of formation, such imperative rules & customs, this course also address realistically the content of human rights and the rights of the first generation such as right of living. The second-generation rights such as the right to work and third-generation rights such as the right of environment. International ways to protect human rights in general. In addition, the extent to which the Jordanian constitution is compatible with international human rights standards.
A0161901 Media and Public Relations 3 The nexus between media and society in terms of the social, political, economic and cultural power of the media, the role of the media in giving people the opportunity to express their opinions and promote international relations. Communication and public relations, communication and its types, levels, forms, properties, fields, activities, physical and nonphysical (symbolic) environment, and obstacles to the communicative process. Public relations: its beginnings, development, principles, bases, importance, functions, planning, activities.

Elective Courses - 3 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0871103 Principles of Renewable Energy 3 Introduction to renewable Energy include Photovoltaic, Wind power, Micro hydropower, Biomass energy, Waste power, Solar thermal power, Geothermal power, Ocean energy (tidal, tide-flow and wave), Ocean energy (OTEC), , Comparison of characteristics and cost of renewables. How we can use the sun, wind, biomass, geothermal resources, and water to generate more sustainable energy. It explains the fundamentals of energy, including the transfer of energy, as well as the limitations of natural resources. Starting with solar power, the text illustrates how energy from the sun is transferred and stored; used for heating, cooling, and lighting; collected and concentrated; and converted into electricity
A0591111 Digital Literacy 3 Digital Literacy is a concept that describes how technology and the Internet are shaping the way people interact and how they affect us as individuals and as a society. This course educate students on the uses of digital technologies, the dangers of digital technology and the need to build a culture of ethical use of the Internet and introduce the concept of responsible freedom.
A1321100 Sport and Health 3 Defining health and fitness: physical education, health education; the cognitive, emotional, skill-oriented, and social goals of physical education; the history of physical education: ancient, medieval, and modern ages, the Olympics, Athletics in Jordan: nutrition and exercising; athletic injuries: bone, joint , muscle, skin injuries; special exercises for figure deformation; diseases related to lack of exercise: diabetes, obesity, being underweight, back pain, cancer; hooliganism: causes and recommended solutions for hooliganism.
A0612303 Society Health 3 The course aims to provide students with the basic principles that enhance the concept of health and health prevention in its various physical, psychological and social aspects. The student will also be provided with information that helps individuals realize their health needs in the context of the culture and values ??systems they live in and how to meet these needs, which is known as improving health and quality of life.
A0161602 Critical Thinking Skills 3 The concept of critical thinking, its components; characteristics of critical thinking individuals; Critical thinking skills: the skill of interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, expectation, prediction; Stages of critical thinking: Motivation, searching for information, linking information, evaluation, expression, and integration

Faculty Requirement - 24 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 24 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0411401 General principles of constitutional law 3 Concept of the state, characteristics, and components. and then study the forms and the origin of the emergence of the State and the basis of its authority; The definition of constitutions, and constitutional law and the statement of its implications and the relationship between constitutional law with other various branches of public law; Identifying it's sources and methods of issuing constitutions.
A0411201 Penal Code General Section 3 Studying the concept of the general theory of crime in terms of defining the penal code, and addressing its objectives, concept, content, and branches. Then the definition of crime and its types. studying of criminal responsibility and its elements and impediments; Then studying the elements of the crime: the legal, the physical and the moral, as well as the reasons of justification, and complicity.
A0411602 General Principles of Public International Law 3 Learning about public international law, its nature, and its origins; and its relationship to other laws; its historical development; Writing down its rules and applying them in terms of time, place, people, and its sources; Focusing on international treaties, their conditions, stages of conclusion, registration, implementation, impact, and invalidity; persons of international law; recognition in international law.
A0412901 Legal computer applications 3 Legal computer applications include identifying computer applications related to judicial work and legal scientific research by identifying applications of the Ministry of Justice, such as registering a case, inquiring about the progress of the case and executing it, issuing non-judgmental certificates related to criminal restrictions, as well as identifying legal applications related to scientific and legal research and judgments. Judicial and jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation, courts of appeal, administrative, constitutional, and special courts.
A0411301 General principles of commercial law 3 Examines the formation of commercial law, its definition, its genesis, its characteristics, its sources and the legislative development of its rules. it also discusses the distinction between civil and commercial business, as well as commercial transactions by its intrinsic nature and commercial transactions by association. Furthermore, it explains the definition of merchant, the requirements for the individual to be considered as a merchant and the duties of the merchant. It also clarifies the meaning of commercial store and its elements, as well as the way of protecting its rights. In addition, it explains the main rules of the commercial contracts.
A0411702 Fundamentals of Islamic Fiqh 3 The principles of jurisprudence, its definition, its subject matter, its objectives, and its topics, the origins of the principles of jurisprudence, governance, and its types; Sources of rulings: the Qur?an, Sunnah, standard consensus, dependent sources; purposes of Islamic law; Fundamental linguistic rules: putting the word for the meaning and using the word for the meaning
A0411101 Introduction to Law 3 The general theory of law in terms of: concept of law and its origins, characteristics of the legal rule, the diversity of legal rules into public law rules and the rules of private law , and diversity to the rules of imperative & complementary , and then identifying the sources of legal rule in general, this study also include the general theory of "right", it's definition, types and defining it's parties, subjects, sources, and finally the legal protection stated for it
A0411501 General Principles of Administrative Law 3 The definition of the administrative law; demonstrates the sources and features thereof and its relation to other disciplines of the law. and the general principles of the administrative organization and introduction to the administrative activity "administrative control, public utilities." And studying the administrative decision, the public office, the administrative contracts, and the public funds.

Major Requirement - 93 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 81 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0413801 Legal terms in English 3 The definition of English legal terms equivalent of the Arabic legal terminology; and studying the definition of the law, and the various divisions and branches; Also deal with legal subjects: crime and its kinds, companies, contracts, courts, human rights.
A0413304 Commercial Papers and Banking Operations 3 Definition of commercial paper, characteristics and its historical development and unification of the law of exchange and the bill of its own terms regarding the substantive and formal requirements, and the protest, its conditions and limitations. It also includes research in Promissory to the order, the substantive and formal conditions, and how trading and provisions applicable to it, and cheque and its substantive and formal and trading and how to meet the submission and bearer returnee, the multiplicity of copy and the distortions and limitations.In addition, this course clarifies the meaning of banking operations and explains historical development of the banking sector in Jordan and the sources of banking law.Further, it discusses the key rules of opening accounts at banks and discusses types of these accounts.Namely, it addresses the provisions for each of the current account, bank deposit, contracts of safes, bank loan, discounting of commercial papers,
A0412101 Effects of obligations 3 Studying the consequences of obligations: in terms of means of execution of the obligation which includes voluntary and compulsory execution, and the path of compensation and a legitimate means to protect the execution, such as indirect action and mock case, and the right in custody and describing remission of debts & impossibility of execution and the passage of time limiting for prosecution.
A0412602 Human rights and international humanitarian law 3 Concept of human rights; and then the international & regional means dealing with human rights and the rights of the first generation such as right of living. The second-generation rights such as the right to work and third-generation rights such as the right of environment. This course deals with the international ways to protect human rights. In addition, explanation and analysis of international humanitarian law and its sources and identifies the relevant international conventions and its relationship to international law of human rights. studying the categories covered by its protection.
A0413202 Criminal Procedures Law 3 General provisions of criminal procedures; and study the cases of crime, filed a public right to claim and the personal right and then the general theory of penal justice organization, composition and competence, and the theory of criminal evidence
A0411102 Sources of obligations 3 Studying the sources of obligation; also discussing the division of the sources of obligation voluntary sources and involuntary sources, the voluntary sources include studying the contract as the first source of the obligation in terms of defining the contract, its conditions, effect , and interpretation, the contractual liability, and avoidance provisions of the dissolution of the contract , then studying the unilateral deposition. This course also deals with involuntary sources such as the illegal & injurious acts, personal responsibility for actions relating to finance, and those of self-responsibility for the work of others and responsibility for things and then turns to Enrichment for no cause and the law as a direct source of obligation.
A0414302 Intellectual Property 3 The historical origin of intellectual property, its concept, importance, and determine all content for example: copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models, protection of designs for integrated circuits, protection of new plant varieties, geographical indications, unfair competition, and trade secrets; Studying methods to protect this property, whether at the local "legislative" level or at the international level "international conventions and treaties.
A0414201 Information technology Crimes 3 The concept of cybercrime in terms of its definition, its parties, and its location, addressing crimes that occur on a computer, or those that occur through a computer; various types of electronic crimes such as: unauthorized penetration and entry, theft of computer time, mined software, computer fraud, and piracy of computer programs by copying or downloading
A0414702 Personal Status (2) 3 Definition: by lineage, its provisions, methods of proving it, and cases of denial; forbidden breastfeeding, , custody, alimony, the rights of relatives, wills, inheritance, and knowledge of the terms and concepts contained in this field; and related articles in the Jordanian Personal Status Law; Knowledge of the pillars of each of the will and inheritance, how to distribute inheritance and wills in Islamic jurisprudence, the previous canons, and what the Jordanian personal status law adoptedreasons for inheritance, its conditions and impediments and Inheritance distribution and related matters.
A0412201 Crimes against persons 3 Studying of some models in the criminal law threat or violate the right to living: an intended murder types and circumstances, as well as offenses against the right of body safety, which meant all kinds of aggravating circumstances and reduced, then killing and unintentional harm, also this course deals with the most important crimes falling on ethics and morality which are crimes of adultery, rape, and indecent assault.
A0414304 Insolvency Law 3 This course deals with the study of insolvency provisions in accordance with the provisions of the insolvency law No. 21 of 2018, by explaining the categories to which the insolvency law applies, the nature of the request for declaration of insolvency and its procedures, the effects of declaring insolvency, the nature of the creditors in the insolvency procedures, the insolvency agents and their licensing procedures and the nature of their work, and the stages of insolvency procedures, termination of insolvency procedures, and studying the provisions of international insolvency.
A0413106 Nominated Contracts (2) 3 Introducing the contract of agency, the conditions for its validity, distinguishing it from other contracts, indicating the types of agency, the obligations of the agent, the limits of his mandate, the scope of his responsibility, his rights and reasons for the termination of the agency; It also discusses the contracting contract, its elements, distinguishing it from others contracts, the contractor's obligations and rights, the employer's obligations and rights, and expiring the contracting contract; An introduction to the gift contract, its elements, conditions, types of gift, and related provisions, retraction of the gift, its annulment and the effects of annulment of contract.
A0412701 Personal Status (1) 3 The concept of Engagement and a statement of its provisions; the meaning of marriage and a statement of its provisions, the impact of the marriage contract and Justice, the duties of the spouses, taboos in marriage rates, taboos of breastfeeding, and taboos temporarily, the terms and conditions of the contract formula, the corrupt and invalid marriage and non-suspended, the rights of marriage. Birth and its provisions, nursery, and lactation. Divorce: What it means, and conditions, and types, divorce, Aleila'. Irreversibility. althehar. To divorce between the spouses for reasons according to personal status law, the implications of the dissolution of the marriage contract, the eda, maintenance for a divorced woman and children.
A0413501 Electronic management legislation 3 General electronic management in terms of concept, and requirements for application thereof. It also addresses the legal system of electronic public utilities, as well as on the public servants. Further, this course addresses the electronic utility public service. Additionally, it examines the electronic administrative decisions, e-contract, e-voting, e-signature, e-evidence, and the role of administrative control in prevention of electronic crimes.
A0414501 Administrative judiciary 3 The concept of administrative courts and the relation between it and the ordinary courts and justification for each, and the rise of the administrative judiciary, and study the principle of legality in terms of meaning and sources and limitations of it. This study shows in detail the application for annulment in terms of its definition, characteristics, and the competent court in Jordan, and the conditions required to accept and substantive requirements, and dealing with compensation claim for the illegal decisions and actions.
A0412401 The Jordanian Constitution 3 studying Trans Jordan prior to issuing the 1928 Constitution and 1946 Constitution; Additionally, it studies the reasons and circumstances leading to the issue of the 1952 Constitution and its amendments, and the accompanying events such as the union between the West and East Banks into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Thereafter, it studies the formation and jurisdictions of the three authorities, as well as the correlation between the legislative and executive authorities ; moreover explaining the compatibility of the Jordanian constitution with international human rights standards.
A0412103 Nominated Contracts (1) 3 The concept of nominated contracts, the features of Nominated contracts, and the distinction between them and non-Nominated contracts, in terms of their sources, nature, and objectives; It also dealt with the process of adapting contracts in terms of: the adaptation process, its controls, and the judiciary?s authority in adaptation; Analysis some types of contracts such as: sales contract; lease contract; In terms of their conditions, pillars, elements, and obligations derived from these contracts.
A0413305 Corporate Law 3 This course discuss the provisions of the Companies Law No. 22 of 1997 and its amendments, by defining commercial companies, explaining their importance, studying the substantive and formal elements of the company?s contract, the legal personality of the company, studying the provisions of all types of commercial companies, including partnership companies and limited partnerships , joint ventures, limited liability companies, private shareholding company, Private company limited by shares, public shareholding, holding companies, foreign companies, and studying the provisions of corporate liquidation in general.
A0413102 Civil Procedure Law 3 Definition of Civil Procedures Law, its sources and its relationship to other branches of law and development legislation. And then study the judiciary organization in terms of the formation of courts and litigation, judges and their assistants and the rules of jurisdiction. And study the case theory in terms of definition and conditions and legal nature and how litigation and defining methods of appeal that decision such as, (Appeal and intercept, re-trial and cassation).
A0413201 Crimes against Property 3 Studying crimes against property in general, then a study of the most important and widespread of these crimes in society, such as: theft, fraud, and credit abuse; And then a detailed study of the crimes attached to these three crimes: such as the crime of issuing a cheque without balance.
A0414904 The Fundamentals of Legal Drafting 3 This course has two aspects: theoretical and practical: the first deals with the concept of the art of legal drafting; its types such as, legislative drafting, jurisprudential drafting, judicial drafting, drafting contracts and lawyers? regulations; The second is through practical training of students on legal drafting in terms of: interest in linguistic drafting, systematic approach to reading, the difference between common language and legal language, and the origins of legal expression.
A0414104 Evidence Law 3 Definition of evidence law and its complementary laws, studying the various schools of Islamic jurisprudence in the rules of evidence, also addresses the definition of Procedural law and its amendments as a form of judicial protection and legislative development of the law.
A0411901 Ethics of the legal Professions 3 This course aims to acquaint the student with information about the rooting of legal work, the concept of the legal relationship with the public, the areas of the legal relationship with the public, the methods of developing the relationship with the public, the definition of the behavioral and ethical rules that must accompany by the legal professional in his profession work, himself and society as a whole, studying the Code of Judicial Conduct and Bar Association Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and codes of professional conduct. And how to give legal advice based on specialized legislative and jurisprudential references.
A0412301 Electronic commerce legislation 3 Studying the most important legal aspects raised using electronic information systems, clarifying means of communication and their components, their impact on different branches of law, and the definition of electronic commerce. As well as studying the legal of electronic payment by credit card, in addition defining the applicable law for E-commerce disputes
A0413103 Labor and Social Security Law 3 General principles in the Labor Code in terms of its definition, its importance and its sources, and independence and scope of application, the study also addresses the legal provisions of the employment contract in terms of individual, in terms of components, held, duration and effects of termination of this contract, finally the legal regulation of collective labor relations both on contract collective action or trade union organizations or settlement of collective labor disputes, As well as the general provisions in social security and types of insurance and conditions of eligibility.
A0414301 Arbitration Law 3 Introducing the arbitration system in general, and commercial arbitration, with a brief summary of the conciliation and mediation systems that precede arbitration, an indication of how to resort to arbitration, and the criteria on the basis of which arbitral tribunals practice their work; And study the principles of arbitration in terms of holding sessions, duration, tasks, procedural laws, the nature of the court?s ruling, its impact, and its validity.
A0414101 Rights in rem 3 Studying the rights in rem, and consequential real rights, types of property which common property and ownership of height and the wall joint ownership of floors and apartments, the reasons for gaining property by death, (wills and inheritance) and reasons to gain in the state of life (to make permissible, warranty, and the contract of first refusal, communication, and Possession) rights of the right of ownership which are: right of usufruct , right of use and housing, and easements rights, and the roof right & al-waqf. Lien, its creation, effects, and termination, and then discuss franchising, including franchise rights for the property & privilege.

Elective Courses - 12 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0414703 Procedures of Sharia Trials 3 Introducing the Sharia Procedure trials; functions and powers; case filing procedures, its nature, the appointment of attorneys, the notification, the defenses; The nature of trials, the evidence Presentation, and its types, studying how decisions and rulings are issued in presence and in absentia, and the recusation of judges; Departments of Sharia courts and their powers and appeal judgments; appeal to the Supreme Sharia Court; The nature of international jurisdiction and how the law applies to foreigners.
A0413306 International Trade Law 3 This course examines the definition of the international sale contract, its provisions, and types. It examines the obligations of both the seller and the buyer within the framework of the international sales contract and the implications of the international sales contract, such as delivery of the sold items, and the transfer of the risk of loss. It also discusses the obligation related to the payment of sold items, especially the payment made by documentary credit, and the problems that impede this payment. This course includes the study of some contracts that accompany the international sale contract, such as the contract of carriage and the insurance contract, and how the international sale contract is affected by such contracts.
A0412102 Environmental Law 3 Study the preservation laws of the environment, as the physical environment in which human live. And in this course we examine the legal rules established by the legislator to prevent any human behavior that would endanger public health as a result of pollution of the environment surrounding citizens. Showing the opinion of Islamic law from environmental pollution, and environmental laws in Jordan with the study of regulations and instructions issued there under. The course presents the liability, aiming to protect all different kinds of environment from pollution.
A0413104 Insurance Contracts 3 The concept of insurance contract, and the foundations on which the insurance in general, the genesis of this contract and its development in the Arab and foreign communities. Also study insurance contract and conclusion of the technical and legal issues, in addition, studying the effects of the contract, the obligations of the insured according to the insurance contract, the legal proceedings and limitations, eventually applied study of fire insurance and contract of insurance against civil liability and road traffic accidents.
A0413702 Principles of Fiqh 3 The concept of jurisprudential rules, their importance, sources, types, and status; And a study of some jurisprudential rules that make up civil law; And the jurisprudential rules related to personal status, related to the judiciary, methods of proof, the jurisprudential rules in felonies, the jurisprudential rules in financial transactions, the jurisprudential rules in worship and transactions, and the rules of guarantee in Islamic jurisprudence.
A0413502 Local Administrative Law 3 This course presents an overview of the local administration, defining the general basis of administrative organization, administrative centralization, and decentralization, clarifying the concept of local administration, its philosophy, basic pillars, and its issues. It also includes a study of some applications of the local administration system in both the Jordanian and comparative legal systems.
A0414401 Constitutional Judiciary 3 Introducing the general principles of the constitutional judiciary and its historical origins, dealing with the law of the Constitutional Court in Jordan, explaining its terms of reference, the conditions for appointing its members, how it relates to the case, and an indication of the strength of its provisions and the most important constitutional principles.
A0414905 Drafting Contracts in English 3 Theoretical foundations for drafting and interpreting contracts in terms of the concepts of offer and acceptance, negotiation, methods of resolving disputes, the role of the principle of willpower and the scope of judicial control over that; It also deals with the concept of the principle of good faith, express and implied conditions, and the principle of relativity of the contract. Differentiate between substantive and procedural rules, and peremptory and complementary rules when drafting the law.
A0414103 Private International Law 3 Definition of private international law and studying the general theory of conflict of laws including, the general principles of referral, general theory of nationality, and then discuss the issue of the status of foreigners in the state and determine their rights and obligations of in theory and practice.
A0414105 Law of Enforcement 3 Introducing the Enforcement Law and its amendments as a form of judicial protection, and its legislative development; Studying the Procedures before the Execution Department, seizure of the debtor's funds, and the methods of compulsory execution.
A0412202 Crimes Against State Security 3 Studying the general provisions of state security crimes and their special provisions and clarifying what is meant by exposure in state security crimes, studying external state security crimes, especially the crimes of treason and espionage, studying internal state security crimes, which are crimes of the constitution, sedition crimes and other crimes of internal state security, then studying the competent courts for state security crimes.
A0414303 Maritime Law 3 This course examines the definition of the ship and its legal system, as well as the definition of the maritime transport contract, its provisions, and the liability of the maritime carrier. It examines the maritime transport contract, in accordance with the provisions of international treaties and Jordanian law. It also examines the function of marine shipping documents such as the bill of lading, the shipping statement and the delivery order issued by the marine carrier. It also examines the definition of the marine insurance contract, its general provisions, and the types of the international marine insurance contract.
A0412501 Financial and tax legislation 3 Studying of public finance and its relationship to other branches of science: and then studying the state expenses terms of definition of public expenditures and its development, then this course studying the public revenues of the State, deals with public budget of the state in terms of the concept of the public budget, characteristics and principles that govern the preparation of the budget and the stages of preparation of budget and control over the implementation of the budget ,then studying the public budget in Jordan.
A0413601 International Organizations 3 Definition of the various efforts to establish the rules of international organization, its goals as well as identifying the international organization in terms of origin, different kinds, giving a brief idea of the League of Nations and to focus on the United Nations and highlight its organizational objectives and its structure, its branches and agencies ,study of some regional organization such as the League of Arab States and the Organization of African Unity and the Organization of American States.
A0411202 Criminology And Sanctions 3 Definition of criminology and its historical development and its relation to other criminal science, and with the different schools are looking in criminology and study the general aspect of criminal behavior, and the factors that prompted to such behavior. This course also deals with the knowledge of the definition of punishment and punishment phases and stages of development through its schools, also deals with penalty, and the definition of criminal punishment and precautionary measures and best methods of implementation of this sanction, whether within or outside the penal institutions to achieve the purposes of this criminal sanction.
A0414902 Judicial applications 3 Practical application in writing pleadings; And all the requirements of filling the dispute before the judiciary, and practice on models for many common lawsuits such as: eviction of the rented property, preemption, prohibiting objection, invalidity actions, contracts, financial claims and models for claiming personal right related to criminal cases.

Complementary Requirement - 9 Credit Hours:

Compulsory Courses - 9 Credit Hours

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Description
A0161200 Remedial English Language 3 Grammar: auxiliary verbs, tenses (past, present, future) Vocabulary: friendship, communication, IT, TV shows, media, houses, places description, compound nouns, free time activities, books and movies description, food, dinning out. Variety of skills: paragraph writing, verifying formal and informal letters, writing unofficial emails, ways of using punctuation, upper case letters and conjunctions, outlining main ideas and details, inferring conclusions and impeded meanings, determining author?s perspectives, presentations, argumentation and persuasion, agreeing and disagreeing expressions, making comparisons, narrating events, expressing opinions, making official phone calls, ordering food, correct pronunciation.
A0331700 Remedial Computer Skills 3 Introduction to basic computer hardware and software; copyrights; Windows operating system; Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power point, Access; Introduction to Internet.
A0161100 Remedial Arabic Language 3 Language level and definition, speaking and comprehension texts, syntax exercises, Nominal Sentence, safe feminine plural, safe masculine plural, singularity, auxiliaries, duality, numbers, subordinates, punctuations, morphological exercise, dictation issues, Nunnation.

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