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Dr. Ahmad Mufleh Al-Hourani

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Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani

In the name of God the Merciful and Compassionate On the occasion of starting the new academic year , I am pleased to highlight the University achievements in the following areas:


  • Excellent quality of graduates, which is mainly due to the principled faculty recruitment process of AAU professors and the professor's wisdom in dealing with their students, and is also due to the high professionalism enjoyed by the University President and deans in their fields, but it is further deepened by the prominent families that have raised these young men and women and taken excellent care of them throughout school and University lives. These combined factors give the students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University a clear distinction and harmony in the university and their professional life afterwards.


  • Upgrading the University equipment and facilities, on a yearly basis, in order to provide the right atmosphere for the students to achieve creativity and excellence regardless of the financial cost. Undoubtedly, this is positively reflected on the level of student qualifications in particular and the university standards in general.


  • Introducing Master's Degree programs in Law, Clinical Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Administration (MBA), in addition to the newly approved Master's Degree program in English Language and Literature. These programs have been introduced to meet the great demand of the job market.


  • Finally, we hope that the Council of Higher Education will adopt a fair approach in dealing with higher education institutions whether governmental or private, all of which are national institutions working on the development of the country and its prosperity under His Majesty King AbdullahII.

Today, our university competes with the world's largest universities. Based on the AAU scientific and educational charter, which the university confirmed and was pursued by the distinguished professors, to build each year a new element, the university created a new generation who is able to serve the nation and society.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani

I was determined to establish the first private University in Jordan and in the Arab World, because I saw the sons of this nation who were not allowed to enroll in public universities due to their grades go abroad to complete their higher education. The university opened its doors to receive the first batch of students in 1990.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani

I wish that this giant university will remain as I knew it an educational, ethical and scientific university which inscribes the map of the homeland in the heart of every graduate student, and raises the flag high and to be always proud of this great achievement.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani

A Synopsis about Dr. Ahmad Mufleh Al-Hourani


Ahmad Mufleh Al-Hourani was born on December 27, 1942 in Baqa Al-Gharbiyeh, Tulkarem, Palestine where he finished the elementary stage and then moved to the city of Tulkarem to complete the preparatory stage.

When Ahmad completed his secondary education or the "Matrek", he joined and then completed his University education at Damascus University and obtained two Bachelor Degrees in History and Law in a four year period.

While he was working at Abha as a history teacher, one of his peers, an Iraqi teacher, advised him to complete his higher education. So, he traveled to Egypt to obtain a Diploma in Tax legislation and a PhD in Economics from the University of Cairo, Egypt.

As he returned to Jordan and worked in the Central Bank, he wrote a book on Tax legislation and at the same time worked as a lecturer. At that point, Dr. Ahmad said , 'Because of favoritism and nepotism, I was ousted from the Bank of Cities and Villages for Development, and thought to work in the same year in free business. At this juncture, I submitted my resignation from the Central Bank out of the feeling of injustice. This feeling motivated me to expand later and determine to achieve success in my work".

Al-Hourani's savings at the time were not enough to allow him to initiate his dream project by establishing an Institute of Banking Studies. Although his need for the money did not exceed three thousand dinars, he borrowed the fund and established the Institute of Banking Studies. He explains that "Jordan at that time was witnessing a financial renaissance which enhanced my idea to establish the institute".

Because Al-Hourani was attracted to the educational sector, he decided to establish the "University School, which later expanded to include three branches in Amman ,at Tabarbour, Jbaiha and the University''. Like any investor looking to diversify his investments, Al-Hourani thought of investing in the industrial sector. And he said "I bought 400 thousand shares in the Jordan Dairy Company, which was a joint venture between the public and private sectors". He remarked that the company was suffering from sagging due to the government bureaucracy. Al-Hourani then directed his efforts to the private sector instead of the public sector in the dairy company. By using the mentality of the private sector, in the late eighties and early nineties, Al-Hourani, who holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and History (Arts), a Master Degree in Finance and a PhD in Economic Development returned to the educational sector.

He says "the idea of founding a private University occurred to me just when Jordan, like most countries at the time, was devoid of any non-governmental University''. Al-Hourani says" It was a big challenge to me. The University I was talking about needs an adventurous capital. Fulfilling the idea can be difficult because it is the first private university in Jordan and because the idea of its existence has to be accepted by people". "I determined to proceed with the project". He added that "I bought a piece of land to establish the University, and convinced investors to be partners with me in capital partnership until the project saw the light and reality and Al-Ahliyya Amman University became the first private University in Jordan.

The success of Dr. Ahmad in the three industrial, tourism and agricultural sectors made him the only businessman in Jordan who worked in these sectors and succeeded. His permanent motto was " maintaining the quality,pursuing honesty and above all, trusting in Allah. The results are determined by Him."

Al-Ahliyya Amman University



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