Vission, Mission, Objectives and Core Values


Leading excellence in empowering women to attain health, social and economic well-being


Support and build women's health, social and financial capacities through training, scientific research, in collaboration with local, regional, and global institutes. Furthermore, participate in providing consultancies for decision-making, and changing health policies to become an active member contributing to the anticipated changes and building a well-balanced community.


  • Providing a forum to discuss women's health issues and put forward solutions to improve women’s health.
  • Identify women’s health research priorities to facilitate the development of research studies, surveys and data to support policies and plans for ensuring achievement of women's health needs in collaboration with partners.
  • Participate in empowering and building capacities of women to participate in the development and implementing health policies to create change.
  • Manage information and data sources, and document success in the area of women's health.
  • Create partnerships with local, regional, and global institutes and research centers to achieve the center's objectives, and develop a multidimensional approaches in dealing with women's health issues.
  • Provide consultancies and information to support policy development and advocacy for women’s health issues in collaboration with national organizations in accordance with the center's vision and mission.


Core Values

  • Creating Positive Change
  • Excellence and creativity
  • Justice and equal opportunities
  • Social accountability
  • Partnership

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