Dr. Muna AL-Sour

The Women's Health Center at Al-Ahliyya Amman University welcomes you. The center was established with the aim of empowering women and contributing to meeting their various health, psychological and social needs, as women are essential and active members of any nourishing society. The Center looks forward to achieving its vision by providing training and various services, conducting research and studies, and cooperating with local, regional and global institutions and establishing partnerships in relation to women's health issues, empowering them and protecting their rights. The center also aspires to follow up and communicate with decision-makers to document the results of studies carried out by the center for the purpose of amending or changing policies related to women's health.


Women are the backbone of society and the inspiration of life that brings peace and serenity to all individuals. Yet, their health seems to come secondary to their personal endeavors. Women’s health is essential component of human rights which guarantees equity and justice, violation of health rights may result in being vulnerable to health problems, poverty and social injustice. In response, Al-Ahliyya Amman University established the Women’s Health Center to respond to challenges facing health of women in Jordan. The center was established by decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2018. The center was established in line with the strategic vision of the university in achieving excellence, providing learning and scientific research facilities of international standards, and sustaining strategic partnerships and cooperative relations at the national, regional and global levels. The center aims to promote women’s health through a holistic approach that takes into account various aspects including the economic, social and psychological factors. In addition, it aims to collaborate with various organizations in order to formulate evidence-based policies and support women with appropriate information and competencies to take appropriate decisions that improve their health. Furthermore, the center contributes to training of women and participates in building leaders who are able to take an active role in creating the desired positive change in the society.


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