The Theater can accommodate a large number of audiences who could come for cultural gatherings, symposiums, international fairs and official and public functions and theatrical performances, in addition to graduation ceremonies for schools and universities. To give some examples, The Theater has hosted the following artistic events: Russian theatrical troupe Bonset, Adel Imam in ’Bodyguard’, Samir Ghanem in ‘Du Ru Mi’ and Fairouz in ‘Sahhinnoam’. Other artists who performed in The Theater have been: Muhammad Abdo, Kathem Al-Sahir, Muhammad Munir, Rami Khalil, Ihab Tawfiq, Fadel Shakir, Ragheb Alameh, Hani Shakir, Zaien Awad, and Diana Karzone. Some projected activities for the coming year include organizing graduation ceremonies for schools and universities, a charity bazaar and a performance by the artist Abu Arab.


Reserving the Theater

The Theater could be reserved for activities by sending an official notice to the University explaining the desire of the party concerned to reserve the theater. The notice should specify the date and the type of function to be performed. Preliminary agreement is given, provided all other conditions and security clearances are met. An agreement to use the Theater is signed after all these procedures are completed. The fees are payable to the Finance Section. The Theater will then be readied for performing the event in a manner that upholds the reputation of Al-Ahliyya Amman University.


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