Vission, Mission, Objectives and Core Values


  • Vision
    A specialized training center that supports excellence in health.


  • Mission

Qualify health cadres, students and community members by providing health training programs that are ccredited locally, regionally and internationally, using the latest education and training methods to achieve excellence in knowledge and practical competencies.


  •  Objectives
    1. Contribute to the development of the professional and cognitive capabilities of faculty members inside and outside the university.
    2. Contribute to community service by organizing health training programs to promote health culture and the concept of public safety.
    3. Enhance the efficiency of health personnel in the basic skills of safe practice and achieve the requirements of continuing professional development.
    4. Provide a key pillar to support applied scientific research in the health field.
    5. Ensure the quality of training programs and achieve excellence through performance evaluation within the framework of local and international standards.
    6. Cooperate with local and international centers and institutions to achieve the vision and objectives of the center.
    7. Provide consultations in the fields of specialized health training.

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