Monday 19/4/2021
AAU Launches A Charitable Campaign for Helping Chaste Families as Part of its Celebrations of the Centennial Founding of the Jordanian State & the Advent of the Blessed Month of Ramadan

AAU launched a charitable campaign for helping chaste families in Al-Balqa governorate. This campaign came within the framework of the AAU’s celebrations of the Centennial Founding of the Jordanian State and the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan on Sunday 18/4/2021. This campaign will take place in several stages. Food packages and cheese containers will be distributed to the chaste families in cooperation with institutions and sectors of the local community and charities in Al-Balqa Governorate. It is worth mentioning that this campaign comes within the pioneering role that AAU plays towards the local community and within the continuous support of the Chairman of the AAU Board of Directors, Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, and the AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan.