13 Monday, 8 2018
AAU Organizes A Solidarity Stand that Confirms its Stalemate in Confronting Terrorism
AAU organized a solidarity stand on Sunday, 12/8/2018 with the homeland and its Hashemite leadership Details
7 Tuesday, 8 2018
AAU Students Succeed in Their Campaign Under the Slogan “Mishwarak Hisaboh Alina”
The Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission decided to commit the gas stations which obtained the ap Details
7 Tuesday, 8 2018
The AAU Office of Career Guidance & Graduates Follow Up Organizes the “Human Resources Management” Course
The AAU Office of Career Guidance & Graduates Follow up executed in cooperation with the Talal Abu G Details
7 Tuesday, 8 2018
AAU Participates in the Initiative under the Slogan “Your Eye Is on the Future”
AAU participated on Saturday, 4/8/2018 in the initiative “Your Eye Is on the Future” in the Amman Al Details
18 Wednesday, 7 2018
AAU Students Participate in “Turathi” Initiative
Thirty AAU Students participated in the “Turathi” initiative which aims to grow plants in Al-Ain Squ Details
9 Wednesday, 5 2018
AAU Hosts the National Debate Competition for 2018.
The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs organised the National Debate Competitio Details
3 Thursday, 5 2018
Exciting Festive Carnival and Events on the AAU's Open Day
On Thursday, 26/4/2018, Al-Ahliyya Amman University had an exciting celebration and activities on th Details
23 Monday, 4 2018
AAU Launches "We pay for your Journey" Campaign.
Under the patronage of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, President Dr. Sadeq Hamed, the Deanship of Stude Details
23 Monday, 4 2018
AAU's Foreign Students Participate in the First Arab Forum of Jordanian Universities
A delegate of 15 students from Al-Ahliyya Amman University participated in the first forum of Arab s Details
22 Sunday, 4 2018
AAU Ranked Second in the Tele Match
Al-Ahliyya Amman University team ranked second in the Jordanian Universities Tele match. Two Dea Details