Sustainability Plan

Al-Ahliyya Amman University is committed in the efficient management of energy, water and key material resources, and the minimisation of waste and emissions. We also work to integrate sustainability into our teaching and research, and work with our staff, students and our wider community to help raise awareness and drive behavioural change. The University shall undertake a continuous improvement process that seeks to meet the operational performance targets, goals, and objectives designed to achieve sustainability and environmental improvements.

Water Management

Policy Statement:
To save and recycle water through efficient management.

More than 80% for Rain Water is saved and treated for reuse.
More than 75% of Water is Recycled.
More than 75% of Treated water is consumed.
More than 60% of Water Efficient Appliance Installed.

Solar Energy

Policy Statement:
To generate the required Energy from the renewable sources.

More than 20,000 Meter Square area has been installed with Solar Panels.
More than 1500 KW of Electricity is generated.


To implement the best practice for sustainable travel and transportation on and off campus such as walking, cycling, carpooling.Encouraging in using hybrid or full electrical cars. Create awareness about green transportation program for the staff and students.

Policy Statement:
To establish a green transportation policy to reduce the carbon emission.

Waste Management

To develop appropriate recycling infrastructure on campus.Create a Waste Management awareness programs for staff and students to know about the importance of waste management and the positive impacts to the mankind.

Policy Statement:
To establish a waste management policy which reduce the production of waste and maximise the reuse and recycling.