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Career Guidance and Alumni Office

Upon The Royal Decree, the establishment of King Abdullah the Second Fund law for Development was approved in 2001. By virtue of this law, the fund is considered as a non-governmental organization which contributes to the different governorates and areas of development in the Kingdom. It also supports developmental, social and educational efforts by establishing national and developmental projects. The projects aim to distribute the sustainable development outcomes through a partnership with the private sector and the institutions of civil society to improve citizens' living standards. The office of the fund was established in the University to achieve its objectives through supervising and boosting students’ creativity and excellence.

The first Career Guidance and Graduates Follow Up Office was established on October 15, 2003 in the University of Jordan. It was recommended by the Jordan Youth Forum which was held under the patronage of his Majesty King Abdullah II. The forum implemented the Majestic Royal Directions which emphasized the importance of establishing communication links between students and the civil community institutions. It aimed to support and guide students to achieve excellence and creativity and provide universities with mechanisms and programs that introduce and acquaint graduates with the labor market.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Our vision is to acquaint our students with the necessary skills needed for success in the labor market; to be capable of innovation and to be active citizens in their communities.


Our mission is to train and qualify our students by equipping them with professional skills and personal competences to achieve the goals of development and to boast excellence by establishing cooperation with public and private institutions of the civil community. Our mission also is to achieve the optimal investment of the potential capabilities for the nationals in our homeland; to increase their job opportunities and to pave a successful career path for them.


  • Providing database regarding the labor market's needs for human resources
  • Linking communication skills which students are trained on with the real needs of the labor market locally, regionally and internationally. This is an essential prerequisite for achieving harmonization between the outputs of the educational system and the inputs of the labor market in general.
  • Consolidating work values, behavior and job affiliation.
  • Assisting students in obtaining permanent job opportunities after graduation or getting temporary ones during their university educational process.
  • Establishing communication channels between the student’s university and the private sector activities.
  • Acting as a link between the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and university students by acquainting them with the programs and the leading projects which are carried out by the fund.

Services Offered by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office :

  • Training: Training can be achieved through courses held by the Career Guidance and Graduates Follow Up Office
  • Guidance: It includes individual, group and electronic career guidance.
  • Activities and Networking : They can be achieved by holding career days; making available part and full time jobs and by conducting practical training which aims at finding jobs.
  • Alumni : By following up the career status of graduates and publishing there success stories


The Alumni Section was established at Al-Ahliyya Amman University to harmonize the higher education outputs and the requirements of Jordanian labor market as well as sustaining the relationship between the University and alumni by building various communication and cooperation aimed channels to serve the alumni, University, and the community adding to grant distinctive opportunities for students to participate in the University programs.


  • Keeping the alumni in touch with the University and its faculties to strengthen their loyalty and belonging to the University.
  • Motivate graduates and whom expected to graduate for participation in the programs offered by faculties and the Alumni Section.
  • Help of offering jobs for graduates, in which commensurate with their specialties and their interests.
  • Process the Website preparations in cooperation with the Computer Center in order to facilitate the process of filling in the curriculum vita form for graduates.
  • Establish the Alumni Club including a number of University’s graduates from different regiments and disciplines.
  • Organizing the Graduates Day in which all the graduates who are from same regiment and from all faculties invite to attend this annual day with the aim of linking the graduate with his Colleague.
  • Inviting the graduates for the University events and for its various activities.
  • Helping the recruitment companies and institutions that are looking for employees to access to the University graduates with ease to choose the qualified employee.
  • Following up the career situation of the graduate in terms of the job nature if it is commensurate with the programs available at the University.
  • Measuring the career satisfaction by filling in the employers’ surveys.
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Zena Abu Al-Samen


Ahmad Al-Shloul

Training Coordinator/Administrative Coordinator and Training

Rula Al-Debei

Career Guidance Specialist Senior / Senior Carrer Advisor

Dina Abu Sair

Counseling and Guidance / Carrer Advisor

Mohd Al-Lozi

Clubs and Activities Employee / Carrer Advisor

Raya Al-Shareef

Clubs and Activities Employee / Carrer Advisor

Farah Al-Dahamsheh

Career Advisor

Nesreen Abu Ruman

Project Coordinator

Sajida Al-Hakim

Career Advisor

Lana Al-Dabbas

Career Advisor

Osama Al-khalel

Career Advisor

Afnan Abu-Alrub

Career Advisor

Bashar Al-Jaber

Career Advisor

Abdul Hafiz Ghannam

Career Advisor

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