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The Deanship

Deanship Establishment and a Word about It

Dr. Mustafa Al-Atiyat

The Dean

The Deanship of Students Affairs was established in1990, the year the University was founded. First named “Students Affairs Department”, its name was changed to “Deanship of Students Affairs” at the beginning of the academic year 1993/1994. A University cornerstone, the deanship formulates plans, initiates programs, and organizes activities geared towards helping students discover their talents, personal skills and potentials. The Deanship is thus committed to supporting the students in its quest to create an outstanding generation that is productive, disciplined and believing in God, with a sense of belonging to its nation and country, a distinguished and productive generation, believing in its nation’s and country’s eternal values.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


The Deanship of student affairs in AAU are at the forefront of students affairs of the universities in Jordan and the region in terms of the level of care and attention to students and improve their performance and behavior.


Contribute to the care of student affairs by meeting their needs, guide them, develop their talents and hone their personalities to enhance their role in the communities to which they belong.

Core Values

  • Cultural diversity.
  • Justice and Equality.
  • Respect others' opinions.
  • Belongingness and Loyalty.
  • Creativity and Innovation

Organizational Chart


Dr. Essa Al-Alwneh

Vice Dean

Esam Al-Sahhar

Dean Assistant / Coach

Ramzi Al-Omairy

Sports Activities Supervisor / Assisstant Coach

Doha Al-Awamelh

Student Services and Expatriate Students Supervisor

Ghada Al-Naimat

Dean Secretary

News \ Events

AAU Hosts A Lecture by Dr. Ahmad Al-Rugub

The AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan received the M.P. Dr. Ahmad Al-Rugub who is the Rapporteur of the Al-Quds Committee in the Jordanian Parliament. Dr. Al-Rugub delivered a lecture titled “Jerusalem Is in the Hearts & Eyes of the Hashemites”. The l...

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The Minister of Media, Her Excellency Jumana Ghneimat Patronizes the Activities of the Training Workshop Titled "Safe Technology" at AAU

Under the patronage of the Government Spokesperson, Her Excellency Jumana Ghneimat, the Minister of Media, and in cooperation with the Jaber Al-Atharat Center, the activities of the training workshop titled “Safe Technology” were held at AAU. This wo...

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AAU Witnesses Distinguished Activities in the Open Day

The AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan inaugurated the activities of the Open Day on Thursday, 25/4/2019. This event which was attended by a large crowed of students as well as members of the academic & administrative staffs and people from the local c...

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AAU Wins the First Place in the Third Tele-Match Festival of Jordanian Universities’ Students

AAU won the first place in the Third Tele-Match festival for students of Jordanian universities organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the Arina Complex on Thursday 18/4/2019. It is worth mentioning that six Jordanian univ...

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