• Courses I Taught: Post-graduate: Personality Theories Intelligence Assessment Cognitive Psychology Personality Assessment Clinical Neuropsychology Critical Thinking Introduction to Measurement and Evaluation Theories of Counseling Psychology of women Psychological Assessment Community Mental Health Developmental problems Psychopathology Assessment and diagnosis Systems of Psychotherapy Neuropsychology
  • Undergraduate: Social Psychology (nursing students) The Psychology of War Principles of psychotherapy Abnormal Psychology Psychology and Life Emotion and Motivation Introduction to Psychology Anthropology Introduction to Clinical Psychology (4th and 3rd year medical students) Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3rd year dental students) Psychology: the science of behaviour (2nd year dental students) Introduction to Exceptional Children Physiological Bases of Handicap Mental Health Neuropsychology Experimental psychology Developmental Psychology Principals of Measurement and Evaluation Physiological Psychology. Sensation and Perception. Practicum in Psychology General Psychology Descriptive Statistics


Rank University Country Date
Associate Professor Mutah University Jordan 2006


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
Phd Manchester University, UK. Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology September 1989
Masters Degree Manchester University, UK. Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology June 1987
High Diploma University of Jordan August 1982
Bachelors Degree University of Jordan BA Psychology August 1978


Job Title Institute Country Time Period
Isra University September 2011 - September 2012
University of Jordan September 2011 - September 2021
Mutah University September 1989 - September 2011


  • Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Memory and Amnesia, Neuropsychotherapy and Rehabilitation, Neuropsychological Assessment and Psychological Assessment, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Medical Neuropsychology, Physiological Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Experimental psychology, Neuropsychology of Schizophrenia, Learning Disabilities, Children with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, spinal cord injury and epilepsy.



Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date


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Training Course: **Theoritical and Practical training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (48) hours, 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 November 2016, Amman- Jordan. (This course was given with the cooperation of Mohammed Shoqeirat, Ruth Wells and Manar Hasan) Others: -A range of lectures and seminars for counselors and university students in the subject of Psychological First Aid and Crisis Intervention. 2007- Member of the examination board of master's and doctoral qualified individuals seeking licensure in Clinical psychology and counseling Psychology, Ministry of Health-Jordan. 2015- Chief of the examination board of master's and doctoral qualified individuals seeking licensure in Clinical psychology and counseling Psychology, Ministry of Health-Jordan. -Provided clinical consultations for both individual and in group settings that include people with psychiatric disorders or brain damaged patients. - Provide Neuropsychological assessment for patients who been transferred from neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists and other agencies. In addition to program development, clinical supervision and consultation, specialties include: Psychotherapy for: -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder -Mood Disorders (depression, bipolar) -Anxiety Disorders -Developmental Disorders -Sexual Disorders -Substance Abuse and Addiction -Stress Management Psychological Testing: -Neuropsychological assessment: e.g. Tower of London, Wisconson Card Sorting Test, Trail making Test………….. -Personality Assessment: MMPI 2 and others -Cognitive (memory, attention…etc.) -Intelligence Assessment (WAIS, WISC, Stanford Benit 3 and Stanford Benit 5) -Court Ordered (for legal compensation and others) Clinical Orientation: Utilization and integration of the following theories and interventions techniques in psychotherapy: Client Centered Theory & Therapy Existential Theory & Therapy Developmental Theories & Therapies Narrative Theory & Therapy Psychodynamic Theory & Therapy Cognitive Theory & Therapy Behavioural Therapy Group psychotherapy In addition to Neuropsychotherapy and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. -Supervised more than 20 master theses at Mutah University and Jordan University some of them has been published. 2021
Courses: International Course on the Planning and Management of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programmes, 7-27 Oct.-2001, Lisbon. Continuing education: -Multiple Roles Psychologist can Play in the Judiciary System, workshop. APA (4 CE Hours/credits approved by APA. April 28th 2007. -The sexual disorders "psychological and physical aspects". April 6th 2010. The Jordanian Association of Psychiatry. - Advanced Interviewing Skills. April 7th 2010. The Jordanian Association of Psychiatry. - Training Course: Application and Interpretation of Stanford-Benit 5. July 7th-11th 2012. Cairo: Egypt. - The professionals Scientific training Conference on Children's Social and Emotional Wellbeing. 29-31 Oct. 2013, Amman-Jordan. - Workshop in CBT for Anxiety & depression; Fundamental skills & essential practice, 23th Feb 2017. Cairo- Egypt. - Workshop in Sex Therapy, 24th Feb 2017. Cairo- Egypt. - Asseement, Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Disorders, Amman-Jordan, 22Feb.- 3 March 2018 (60 hours). 2018


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Title Location Date