• Interior Architecture
  • Design 3


Rank University Country Date
Assistant Professor Alahliyyah Amman University Jordan 2021
Lecturer Alahliyyah Amman University Jordan 2016


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
Phd University of Bath, United Kingdom Architecture Engineering March 2021
Masters Degree University of Lincoln, United Kingdom Interior Architecture and Design September 2016
Bachelors Degree University of Jordan Architecture Engineering May 2012


Job Title Institute Country Time Period
Head of department of architecture engineering Al-Ahliyya Amman University September 2021 - January Present
Assistant professor Al-Ahliyya Amman University August 2021 - January Present
Lecturer Al-Ahliyya Amman University September 2016 - March 2017
Teacher Assistant Ahliyyah amman university March 2015 - September 2015
Assistant Engineer FAO, United Nation June 2012 - April 2014


  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Energy Performance
  • Building perfromnce
  • Green buildings
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Human perception
  • Sick Building syndrome
  • Perceived health
  • Adaptive thermal comfort



Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
PLEA (Planning Post Carbon Cities), Coruña, Spain Paper/Poster AND Participate in the organization of Conference September 2020
Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings, Bari, Italy Paper/Poster AND Participate in the organization of Conference September 2019


Title Location Date
Your PhD and copyright UK 2020
Webinar: Cost of building to net-zero, UKGBC. UK 2020
Time Series Analysis for Researchers, University of Bath University of Bath, UK 2019
Technology roadmaps UK 2019
PassivHaus Course PassivHaus Institut, Germany 2019
Planning and writing your thesis: in engineering and design University of Bath 2019
Writing complex documents in LaTeX UK 2019
Introduction to the R software environment for statistics part 1 UK 2018
Introduction to the R software environment for statistics part 2 UK 2018
Concordat to support research integrity - elearning module UK 2018
Teaching introduction (for postgraduates who teach) UK 2018
Making a start with social media UK 2018
Word: managing large documents University of Bath 2017
Planning & writing a thesis & preparing for the viva UK 2017
How to write a research paper: in engineering and design UK 2017
Managing your research project UK 2017
Research data management: archiving and sharing UK 2017
How to give a good presentation UK 2017
Publishing, open access and citations UK 2017
Successful interviews UK 2017
Staying motivated in your PhD UK 2017
EndNote: Getting started with referencing UK 2017
Literature and data searching for engineering and design United Kingdom 2017
Introduction to mind mapping with MindGenius UK 2017
Introduction to NVivo 10 UK 2017
Quantitative statistics 1: an introduction to data analysis and hypothesis testing UK 2017
Quantitative statistics 2: hypothesis testing and probability distributions UK 2017
Setting goals to boost your confidence and effectiveness workshop UK 2017
Modern methods of construction webinar- online course UK 2017
Cambridge Advanced English UK 2017


Title Location Date
Impact of Indoor Environmental Quality on Occupant Satisfaction, Perceived Health, and Work Performance in “Green” Office Buildings in the Middle East United Kingdom 2021


Title Location Date
SBSE scholarship in 35th PLEA conference: Planing Post Carbon Cities (Scholarship for the top 30 PhD research), provided by the Society of Building Science Educators. United Kingdom 2020
Project prize for ‘Portable lab’, in the third Santander Technology Fund round, provided by Santander Bank. United Kingdom 2019