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  • ادارة المحافظ الاستثمارية
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Rank University Country Date
Professor Yarmouk University Jordan 2000
Associate Professor Yarmouk University Jordan 1993
Assistant Professor Yarmouk University Jordan 1989


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
Phd University of Wisconsin/Madison Business Administration /Finance August 1989
Masters Degree University of Missouri Business Administration /Finance January 1982
Bachelors Degree Yarmouk University Business Administration /Finance January 1980


Job Title Institute Country Time Period
Professor Al-Ahliyya Amman University September 2019 - June Present
Professor Qatar University September 2006 - September 2019
Professor Yarmouk University August 1989 - September 2006


  • Investment



Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
The 3rd International Scientific Conference 0f Finance and Business Faculty” . Paper/Poster November 2019
43rd European International Business Academy Conference Paper/Poster December 2017
Leading Issues in International Trade and Finance Paper/Poster May 2017
North East DSI, Paper/Poster March 2016
World Business Institute Paper/Poster August 2015
Academy of International Business–Midwest USA Chapter 2015 Annual Meeting Paper/Poster March 2015
50th Annual conference of the British Accounting Association Paper/Poster April 2014
The Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research yearly meeting, . Paper/Poster February 2014
“Economics of Education Association Paper/Poster May 2013
Global Business and Technology Association’s Fifteenth Annual International Conference, Paper/Poster July 2013
International Business: New Challenges, New Forms, New Practices conference, Paper/Poster April 2011
Regionalism and Globalization conference Paper/Poster April 2010


Title Location Date
Not Available Not Available 2020
Qatar Exchange on “The Implementation of Stock Split in Qatar Exchange” 2010. Qatar 2010


Title Location Date
“The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Tourism Growth in Jordan: Empirical Evidence from the ARDL-bound Testing Approach) Alahlyya Amman University 2021
“The Impact of Working Capital Management And Risk On The Profitability Of Jordanian Companies Listed On The Amman Stock Exchange Alahlyya Amman University 2020
“The Effect of Involuntary Disclosure on Islamic and Conventional Bank Performance in the GCC markets Qatar University 2018
“Direct and Indirect Determinants of Transparency, Corporate Governance and Firm Value Yarmouk University 2006
"The effect of Capital Structure on the profitability of Jordanian Firms. Arab Academy of Banking and Finance 2006
,” Determinants and Multi Factors Dynamic Model of Optimal Capital Structure Arab Academy of Banking and Finance 2006
"The Corporate Governance And The Firm Value in Jordanian Industrial Sector," FINE - Finance and Economics Yarmouk University 2006
The Pattern of Intraday Liquidity in Emerging Markets: The Case of in Amman Stock Exchange," FINE - Finance and Economics. Yarmouk University 2006
The Effect of Electronic Trading on Market Volatility, and Liquidity:Evidence from Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)". Yarmouk University 2006
"The Pattern of Intraday Liquidity in Emerging Markets: The Case of in Amman Stock Exchange," FINE - Finance and Economics. yarmouk Unversity 2006
The Effect of Macroeconomic Factors on Jordanian Commercial Banks' Performance. Yarmouk University 2005
Modeling Market Volatility in Amman Stock Exchange Yarmouk University 2005
The Effect of Stock Market Development and Bank Development on Economic Growth in the Middle East and North African Countries". Yarmouk University 2004
Electronic Banking in Jordan". Yarmouk University 2004
The Factors that Affect the Average Rate of Return in Jordanian Corporations Yarmouk University 2004
Determinants of Capital Adequacy Ratio in Jordanian Banks Yarmouk University 2004
Financial Performance of Social Security Corporation Portfolio”. Yarmouk University 2004
Interrelationships between Financing and Investment Decisions: The Case of Jordanian Firms,” Yarmouk University 2004
The Effect of Dividend Payout Police and Institutional Ownership on Earning-Return Relationship," FINE - Finance and Economics. (2001 - 2002). Yarmouk University 2004
The relationship between liquidity, efficiency and profitability of Jordanian Banking and Insurance companies during the period 1998-2003. Yarmouk University 2003
Master's Thesis Committee Chair, "Determinants of the Rate of Return on the MENA Emerging Stock Markets. Yarmouk University 2002
Financial Performance of Social Security Corporation Portfolio," Yarmouk University 2001


Title Location Date
Not Available Not Available 2020
Qatar Financial Center Authority, Research Excellence Award, QFCA. Qatar 2016
Best Paper Award in Innovative Education, Decision Sciences Institute. USA 2016
Best paper award, Review of Business Research Journal. USA 2015
Mannheim University,Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buehler-Germany Research Scholarship, Von Humboldt Stiftung. Germany 2006
Mannheim University, Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buehler– Germany Research Scholarship, Von HumboldtStiftung. Germany 2004
Mannheim University, Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buehler– Germany.Scholarship for Research by Von Humboldt Stiftung. Germany 1997
Showman Foundation, Jordan. Young Scientific Award for Research Achievement Jordan 1993
DAAD. Germany 1992
Yarmouk University, Jordan. Graduate Scholarship Jordan 1982
Late King Hussein of Jordan. Award for Scholarly Achievements. Jordan 1981