• Biomedical Instrumentation II
  • Biomedical Instrumentation I
  • Medical Technology Management
  • Principles of Measurement Systems and bio-Transducers
  • Electrical Circuits I
  • Engineering Applied Mathematics
  • Digital Imaging processing
  • Industrial Radiography


Rank University Country Date
Associate Professor February 2016


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
Phd Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University Medical Electronics and Ergonomics October 2000
High Diploma the Stavropol State Technical University Medical Engineering and Instrumentation June 1997


Job Title Institute Country Time Period
Associate professor of medical engineering deprt Al-Ahliyya Amman University September 2019 - January Present
Associate professor of Biomedical engineering deprt Hashemite University February 2016 - January Present
Assistant professor of Biomedical engineering deprt Hashemite University August 2008 - February 2016
PhD Lecturer Hashemite University September 2003 - August 2009
Visiting Researcher University of Sussex, UK August 2001 - May 2003


  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Signal and Image processing (Computer Aided Detection - CAD)
  • Ergonomics/ Human Factors of Virtual Reality Systems & Haptic Devices
  • AI applications in Medicine


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  • Amasha, Hani M., Al-Nabulsi, Jamal I., Aloquili, O M. and Al-Naami, Bassam O., (2011) A Multi-Bundle Concentric Coil Wirelessly Transferring Power to In Vivo Implantable Devices.. Journal of Medical Engineering and technology, Vol. 35(1): 47–53
  • Bassam Al-Naami, Jamal Al-Nabulsi, Hani Amasha, John Torry (2010) . Utilizing Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine for Detection of the Paradoxical Splitting in the Second Heart Sound. Journal of Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing-Springer, Vol.48 (2): 177-184,


Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
2020 IEEE 5th Middle East and Africa Conference on Biomedical Engineering Paper/Poster March 2020


Title Location Date
Workshop about the future of scientific research at AAU Arena Hotel/ Amman 2020
How to apply for research funding and Patent Registration Ministry of High education 2019
Workshop about ABET preparation Al-Ahliyya Amman University-Engineering college 2019
American Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) accreditation. Hashemite University 2018
Attending a symposium on the Challenges and Opportunities in Diagnosing, Monitoring and Treating Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetic Foot Syndrome. Columbia Global Center in Amman on December 5th at the Columbia Global Centre Amman 2018
Attending The Higher Council for Science and Technology and JoSTA Network Workshop "What is Research Telling us About Wavelet Based Applications in this 21th Century?" The Higher Council for Science and Technology 2017


Title Location Date
Member on Examining Committee of Master degree: Implementation of Six-Sigma on Corrective Maintenance at The Directorate of Biomedical Engineering in the Jordanian Ministry of Health The Hashemite University 2009
Co-advisor of Master degree: Heart Sound Representation. Division of Biomedical Engineering at Sussex University, UK. 2002


Title Location Date
Honored for outstanding contribution in reviewing awarded by Elsevier publisher Elsevier publisher 2018
Honored from the Hashemite University (HU) for Excellence in Scientific Research for 2013-2014 years under the patronage of Faisal Al-Fayez, the former prime minister of Jordan the Hashemite University 2014