Scientific Research is becoming one of the most important tools for realizing national policy objectives; thus, spending on Scientific Research is a prime indicator of the extent of attention paid by governments to the development of human resources, which are playing a most decisive role in the developing countries aspirations to narrow the technological gap between themselves and the developed countries. In light of this, Al-Ahliyya Amman University has since its establishment given priority to Scientific Research by introducing various forms of support for those interested to participate in seminars and academic conferences inside and outside the Kingdom, by encouraging the activities of authorship, translation, seminars, lectures, conferences, and dissemination of research in regional and global journals, and attending scientific conferences and workshops. Such policy has had a profound effect on enhancing the reputation of Al-Ahliya Amman University and its role in promoting higher education and Scientific Research. This policy has contributed positively to educational development, and has expanded the horizons of faculty members, enriched the areas of their academic interests and enabled them to keep abreast of the latest developments at the global level.


The Scientific Research Council oversees matters related to Scientific Research. It is headed by the dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and includes as members a select group of members of staff from the faculties and representatives of local community recognized for their outstanding research. The Council’s decisions and recommendations regarding support and other matters are based on Scientific Research regulations developed and reviewed by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, approved by University councils (Scientific Research Council, Council of Deans, and Board of Trustees).

Prof. Dr. Mou'ath Hourani

Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research / Chairman


Prof. Dr. Michel Swedan

Dean of Business School

Prof. Dr. Saheb Fatlawi

Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Nofal Al-Mashhadani

Faculty of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Iskandarani

Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Salam Mahadin

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Muhammad Sulaiman Alnsoor

Al- Balqa' Applied University

Secretary of Councils

Rapporteur of the Council