Religious Facilities

AAU Mosque

AAU mosque which has been established in 1999 is located in the Middle of our campus. It is one of the largest mosque of the local area that allows many people (students or staff) to worship at the same time.

AAU mosque is available to students and staff alike to pray at any time

It is divided into two sections Right side for males and left side for females

AAU Multi-Faith Facility

The Facility offers religious and spiritual services to all student communities of AAU in a friendly and cosy environment.

The Facility is located at the heart of the campus and has been established to build positive relationships for believers of a specific faith or religion, those who are seeking for guidance, those who prefer not to define their spirituality and those who chose not to have any religious beliefs at all.

The Facility Contains Multi Faith Prayer Hall as it allows Multifaith prayer room where people of differint religious beliefs can go to pray or meditate peacefully.