HEC Services

HEC can function as a multipurpose facility within AAU:

  • It is the center for dissemination of advanced educational technologies for faculty, and students via seminars, newsletters and other events.
  • Ensuring appropriate eLearning technology deployment.
  • Designing and producing eLearning based ‘learn-ware’.
  • Deliver academic online courses at AAU.
  • Manage, administrate and support the assessment management system.
  • A professional technical support for all eLearning programs.
  • Offer consulting services for faculties and different departments in eLearning deployment and content development.
  • Provide toolProvide tools of electronic communication using video conferencing.
  • Enable community members of university (enrolled Students and Staff) to acquire the necessary skills needed for eLearning via training courses and workshops such as:
    • In-class and one-on-one sessions on technology-based teaching and learning tools enhancing the professional development of faculty.
    • Hands-on training programs that cover a wide range of topics are frequently conducted for AAU faculty to enable them to develop effective web-based instruction.
    • In addition, the Center provides training on the learning management system delivery platform, and its tools to enable faculty members to publish and deliver their courses online.

Elearning Development

HEC support the Instructors to create online/blended elearning courses. We work closely with the instructors to choose the best practice at all stages of the development process. Using the latest technology and software’s, our team can develop dynamic, interactive and collaborative learning materials in the form of online/blended elearning courses to enhance the students learning experience. We follow the ADDIE model to ensure the accuracy and quality of the elearning courses. Further we do give training and support to the instructors to build their own courses.

Web Development

Web development team supports Al Ahliyya Amman University in developing, updating and maintaining the university website using the latest technology to be in the forefront of the league. Team provides dedicated support to make University's website user friendly, informative and attractive. We provide additional support to fulfill the IT needs of the university.

AMS (Assesment Management System)

To support the innovative learning environment within Al-Ahliyya Amman University, HEC has implemented SARAS - Assessment management System (AMS) which conducts exams online. AMS gives a secure environment to conduct exams, where the instructor has full control over all aspects of the exam in terms of setting up the questions and answers, scheduling the exam, generating instant results, and ability to archive the exam. HEC’s dedicated technical staff provides support for the instructors to setup and conduct online exams in HEC Labs.

LMS (Learning Management System)

HEC uses Moodle Learning Management System as a web platform to host and manage online courses with advanced features for Instructor's and students. HEC provides technical training and support for the instructors to create courses on Moodle.

HEC Supports Instructors to:

  • Create online course and upload the necessary study materials such as documents/ pdf’s, PowerPoint slides, multimedia materials, simulation programs, audio/video etc.
  • Additional features of calendar, course announcements, glossary, indexing tools etc.
  • Facility to create quiz/survey development tool for creating tests, course evaluation etc.
  • Administrative tools to track student activity as both individuals and in group.
  • Create SCORM Packages for online courses.
  • In addition, the Center provides training on the learning management system delivery platform, and its tools to enable faculty members to publish and deliver their courses online.

Features for students:

  • Students can access the course from anywhere with a password protected secured environment.
  • Can bookmark and annotate their courses.
  • Have the access to the collaborative tools to email, chat, discussion groups etc.
  • Access to self-assessment tools, grades and progress reports etc .