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Access For People with special needs

Al-Ahliyya Amman University aims to promote an inclusive learning, teaching and working environment in which disabled students are not disadvantaged or treated unfavorably. Teaching, work environments and practices are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that disabled students do not experience barriers to full participation in the life of the university and to ensure that the skills and potential of all students are developed fully. Al-Ahliyya Amman University strive to provide an environment where students, staff or visitor with a Disability are appropriately supported and encouraged.


Al-Ahliyya Amman University welcomes enquiries and applications from everyone with an interest in the University’s courses. All disabled students considering whether to apply to AAU are encouraged to contact the relevant Learning Support Officer to find out about the Financial Discounts, Scholarships and Technical support available to them. All applicants are considered entirely on their academic merits, in accordance with the University’s diversity policies. Disability information on the application form is removed in advance of submission to admission staff. The criteria and procedures for selecting students are relevant only to the general academic requirements of the University’s Regulations and the specific additional requirements of each course of study. Guidance and training in diversity and disability awareness is available to all staff.

Once a formal offer is made to a student who has declared a disability, the student is invited to contact the relevant Learning Support Officer to discuss specific support needs and adjustments (if required). For students who omit to declare a disability on their application form or become disabled during the course of their studies, processes are in place to provide support and adjustments throughout the academic year either through the Learning Support Officers.

Disabled Bursaries and Grants

Having a disability, special need, or learning condition shouldn’t prevent students from pursuing higher education, although it does bring its challenges – this includes additional study or living costs, like travel expenses and special equipment. AAU offer specific Scholarships or grants to disabled students. These could be to help with general living and study expenses, or they could be tied to supporting you to achieve a particular goal, or pursue certain activities.

Eligibility and applying

Eligibility will depend on the purpose of the award, and you’ll normally have to meet the following criteria:

Household income may also be taken into account.

There is an application form to complete, where you explain why you’re deserving of the funding, or how it will benefit you, plus provide any necessary evidence. Successful applicants may receive the amount stated, or an amount based on their specific needs.

For more information please contact: aid@ammanu.edu.jo or Phone:00962 5 3500211 Ext: 2043

Access For People with DisabilityMap

Anyone with disability should have equal access to all the facilities in AAU, In Order to achieve that the university management provides Preferred Parking facility, Wheel chair access points, Elevator and Special needs toilets etc.. in all the buildings to ensure easy and safe access.

Web Accessibility

Al-Ahliyya Amman University is committed to making its website accessible to everyone including individuals with disabilities, By ensuring:

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems Please click here to contact us: Website Feedback .

Academic Support for Students with Learning Disabilities

With the support of dedicated centers Hearing & Speech Center and Counseling & Special Education Center AAU provides resources, technical expertise and staff to meet the learning and support needs of students with disabilities. The academic department will make minimal adjustments to course content, delivery and assessment methods without affecting the academic standards or basic requirements of the course.

We provides:

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Counseling Center

The Counseling & Special Education Center started its work at Al-Ahliyyah Amman University in the beginning of 2015. Since its establishment, the center has adopted a non-profit service policy, as a leading initiative together with the other university working centers, to serve students in the different aspects of their university life from the academic, psychological or social perspectives.

Psychological Counseling: Students sometimes face difficulties and challenges that affect their everyday life. For this the center offers help in certain aspects including

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Al-Ahliyya Amman University takes every effort to meet the requirements of students who have special accommodation needs. We have a range of accommodation to suit students with disabilities and health issues, including adapted rooms with facilities such as:

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For more information please contact: aid@ammanu.edu.jo or Phone:00962 5 3500211 Ext: 2455