Sunday 8/1/2023
The Women's Health Center in Al-Ahliyya Amman University organizes an awareness initiative entitled “Domestic Violence and Violence against Women”

The Women's Health Center organized an awareness and educational initiative entitled: "Domestic Violence and Violence against Women" on Sunday 8 Jan 2023 at Rawabi AsSalt Association. The initiative targeted the category of women from the AsSalt region, presented by Dr. Basma Al-Sharif / Psychology Major / Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, and under the supervision and participation of Prof. Dr. Iman Al-Nazli, Director of the Women's Health Center, where the lecture focused on the psychological and physical aspects of women. The most important results presented included the negative impact of domestic violence and its negative effects on the mother and her ability to raise her children correctly and properly and its reflection on her personality and her dealings with society in general. The participating women have also been educated about the best ways to deal with the abusive husband or aggressor and how to act and resort to the competent centers to try to solve the problems causing the violence, and how to avoid increasing the violence. The initiative included a set of questions and competitions in which most of the women present participated, and in-kind prizes were distributed to them, where they showed a high level of interaction, and the President of the Association, Mrs. Fatima Ali Abu Talib, as well as the attendees, expressed their thanks and great appreciation for the wonderful efforts made by Dr. Basma Al-Sharif and the Director of the Women's Health Center, Prof. Iman Al-Nazli, wishing for more similar initiatives. Dr. Basma Al-Sharif was honored by Prof. Dr. Iman Al-Nazli, Director of the Center, and received a certificate of thanks and appreciation for her presentation of such an important and beneficial awareness initiative for women and mothers in society. This initiative comes in line with the objectives of the strategic plan, which aims to reach out to the local community for the purposes of empowering women in all aspects and in all age groups.