Tuesday 29/11/2022
The Department of Interior Design organizes a field visit to Estetia Interior Design Company

The Department of Interior Design from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Al-Ahliyya Amman University organized a scientific field visit to the Estetia Interior Design Company in Amman on Tuesday 22/11/2022. This field visit came with the aim to explore the latest developments in the world of floor tiles and interior partitions. A representative of Tarkett Floor Tiles Company was present and explained the properties of the newly developed sustainable floors along with their manufacture mechanism and uses. Engineer Yahya Estitieh accompanied the students on a tour inside the showroom and explained the properties of the internal partitions and false ceilings in addition to their installation methods. This productive visit has enriched the technical knowledge related to the implementation of interior designs and urging the students to apply these ideas in their design projects. This visit comes within the framework of the university's openness to cooperate with local and regional institutions for expertise exchange that would enrich students' culture, develop their creative skills in light of the rapid changes in our world and labor market.