Thursday 24/11/2022
The Faculty of Nursing and the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University organizes an event on the World Diabetes Day

The Faculty of Nursing at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, under the guidance of Prof. Muntaha Al-Gharaibeh, Dean of the Nursing Faculty, and Prof. Mohammad Al-Tanani, Dean of the Allied Medical Sciences Faculty organized an event on the days Tuesday and Wednesday on 22-23/11/2022 on the occasion of the World Day, World Week and World Month of Diabetes. Prof. Mohammad Al-Tanani and Prof. Muntaha al-Gharaibeh delivered a welcoming speech and thanked the event organizers and participants for giving lectures and conducting free diabetes tests, body mass index and skin tests in cooperation with the Faculty of Nursing, the Department of Optometry, the Department of Cosmetology and the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences. Mr. Sameh Bani Amer, Head of the Diabetic Foot Department at the National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics (NCDEG), Dr. Wafaa Asfour, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, and Nutritionist Dania Shannak were hosted on this fruitful event. Mr. Sameh Bani Amer gave an awareness lecture on the diabetic foot syndrome, which is one of the most serious long-term complications of diabetes that occurs due to circulatory disorders in the foot and damage of blood vessels and nerves. This disease leads to severe consequences and damages to the tissue of the foot due to loss of sensation in certain areas as the foot, leg and toes. Besides, Mr. Sameh also discussed prevention and care methods for the diabetic foot syndrome. Dr. Wafaa Asfour, from the Department of Optometry talked about retinal diseases with the diabetic patients, which is considered a complication resulting from damage of blood vessels in the light-sensitive tissue located in the back of the eye (retina). Dr. Wafaa also talked about prevention and care methods for the protection of the eye. On the second day of the event, the nutritionist Ms. Dania Shannak, member of the American Society for Nutrition, gave an awareness lecture under the title “Your Health is on Your Plate” which resembles that the eating habit of individuals does matter and affect their health status. Ms. Dania highlighted the fact that the number of diabetic individuals in Jordan is increasing significantly and focused on the need to unify efforts and employ all abilities to spread awareness on this chronic disease and its complications, with a mission to control its spread and limit its progression. Ms. Dania also emphasized the significance of the food pattern and followed food diet in fighting diabetes and discussed the types of known and widespread diets and the advantages of each type. At the end of the event, the participants were handed with certificates of attendance and various giveaways were distributed to the students. Special thanks were directed to the organizers of this booming event as follows: Dr. Talal Al-Qaisi, Dr. Zeina Al-Alami, Dr. Yazan Gammoh, Dr. Khaled Ahmad, Dr. Khaled Al-Qaisi, Lecturer Laila Kanawati, Lecturer Mohammad Al-Qudah, Lecturer Mohammad Dalahma, Lecturer Tasneem Al-Batayneh in addition to a group students from different faculties.