Thursday 24/11/2022
The Faculty of Architecture and Design organizes an orientation day for its students

The Faculty of Architecture and Design at Al-Ahliyya Amman University held an orientation meeting on Thursday 24/11/2022 for the new students, in the presence of the Dean, Prof. Abdelsalam Al-Shboul, Vice Deans, Heads of Departments and the administrative and academic members of the faculty. Prof. Abdelsalam Al-Shboul started the meeting by giving a welcoming speech, followed by speeches by the Vice Deans and heads of academic departments. This orientation meeting comes with the aim of explaining to the students the regulations and instructions applied at the university, which they must take into consideration during their studies. In addition to introducing the students to the facilities of the university and the faculty as well as the services and activities offered. The meeting as well included a presentation of the study plans, academic advising plans and fields of recruitment for the various majors offered at the faculty. Besides, the students were also introduced to the various competitions and extracurricular activities, such as the scholarships and grants offered to outstanding students with artistic and technical excellence and the Hourani Award for Art and Design. The university in general and the faculty of architecture and design in specific supports local, regional and international participations that target held for students to develop and support their creativity and innovation. In conclusion, outstanding students from all departments were honored for their academic improvements. Students showed remarkable interaction during the meeting, expressing their pleasure at joining the family of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Al-Ahliyya Amman University.