Wednesday 23/11/2022
The Center of Women Health at Al-Ahliyya Amman University organizes an awareness initiative under the title “Menstrual Cycle and Personal Hygiene”

The Center of Women Health affiliated to the Faculty of Nursing at Al-Ahliyya Amman University organized an awareness initiative under the title “Menstrual Cycle and Personal Hygiene”, in which was held on Wednesday 23/11/2022 for the female students of sixth and seventh grade at the Roman Orthodox Schools in the city of Fuheis. The awareness lecture was presented by the student Dina Khoury, a fourth-year student from the Faculty of Nursing, under the supervision and participation of Prof. Eman Al Nazli, Director of the Women's Health Center. The focal point of the lecture was on the physiological aspects and physical changes before, during and after the menstrual cycle. In addition to the health practices for girls during the different stages of the cycle and ways to overcome some of the symptoms associated with it, as well as directed towards optimal methods of personal hygiene and the use of personal hygiene products for the body and skin. During the lecture, multiple competitions were arranged in which most of the attended students participated and prizes were given to the winning participants. Prof. Eman Al-Nazli was pleased by the overall active and hoped for more upcoming similar initiatives by the students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University. The student, Dina Al-Khoury was honored by Prof. Eman Al-Nazli, Director of the Women's Health Center with a certificate of appreciation for her participation in this awareness lecture and presenting a useful informative talk for the teenagers as this age group which is considered as a sensitive topic. This campaign came within the objectives of the center to spread awareness on health topics to all age groups of the community to empower women in all aspects.