Monday 14/11/2022
Students of the Faculty of Information Technology achieves progressive ranks in the JU Mara Code Programming Competition

The Faculty of Information Technology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University participated in the JU Mara Code Programming Competition, which was organized by the University of Jordan during the days 10/11/2022 to 12/11/2022 with the participation of hundreds of students from various public and private Jordanian universities, in addition to Hebron University from Palestine. From his side, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Prof. Omar Al-Adwan praised the efforts of the students, expressing his gratitude and appreciation for their determination and excellence. Prof. Omar encouraged and supported the students to participate in various activities and competitions due to their role in refining their programming and creative skills besides to raising their ability to compete in the labor market. It is noteworthy that the JU Mara Code competition is an individual software competition held remotely, which aims to develop the programming skills of the students by upbringing programming troubleshoots glitches and shut downs that require effective and efficient solutions.