Thursday 20/10/2022
The Faculty of Arts & Sciences participates in a conference on Mental Health

Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Her Excellency Haifaa Al-Najjar, on an invitation by the Ministry of Youth, our students from the MA program in Clinical Psychology - Department of Psychology from our Arts & Sciences Faculty participated in a conference on mental health with a slogan “Mental health and Social Well-being is a Right for All”. This Conference is held on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day, which is organized by the Ministry of Youth - Directorate of Youth Communication in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Psychological Association. This came on two consecutive days, Sunday and Monday 9-10/10/2022 at the Royal Cultural Center with the participation of Jordanian public and private universities that include psychological sciences in their fields on studies such as Psychological and Educational Counseling, General Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Counseling and Mental Health. The meeting started with a speech by Her Excellency Haifaa Al-Najjar, who highlighted that this conference represents a scientific and practical contribution to the comprehensive health of the individuals and society as a whole, and emphasized the importance of networking between institutions and entities for what best serves the society. Furthermore, the participation of the students of the Department of Psychology came out with the university's willingness to communicate and actively participate in scientific and research conferences in order for students to enhance their knowledge and develop their interpersonal skills and enrich their information to increase their scientific and cognitive achievement. In the presence of the President of the Jordanian Psychological Association, Dr. Hussein Tarawneh, he underlined in the opening session that the World Mental Health Day is a global event that takes place on 10/10 of each year. This day aims to educate and raise awareness in the field of mental health, in which Dr. Tarawneh drew attention on the importance of psychological and mental health for individuals and societies as a whole. Nonetheless, he mentioned the crucial role of spreading awareness on mental health, pointing out that the biggest threat to psychological and mental health is the consumption of drugs and assured that mental health services should be integrated with primary health care services and making it an integral part of it. In his turn, the Director of Communication Directorate and the Ministry of Youth, Dr. Mohammad Al-Jaafrah, indicated that the celebration of Mental Health Day comes as an initiative from the World Federation for Mental Health, as a reminder to the world on the significance of mental health. Dr. Huda Abbas, Executive Director of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library / Kings Academy in Jordan, discussed the prominence of bibliotherapy “the reading cure” in regards to mental health issues, while emphasizing the importance of reading and its role in helping to improve people's lives. The conference included panel discussions and training workshops in which academics, specialists and researchers participated as well as a book exhibition in the scope of psychology.