Monday 17/10/2022
Prof. Eman Nazly, Prof. Manal Abbas and Dr. Laith Abu Aligah among the best 2% researchers globally

Prof. Eman Nazly from the Faculty of Nursing, Prof. Manal Abbas from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dr. Laith Abu Aligah from the Faculty of Information Technology were chosen among the best 2% of researchers on an global level according to a study conducted by a group of scientists and researchers at Stanford University for the year 2022. This classification is issued annually, where it is known as the “Stanford Classification” in the academia medium. The study consisted of 100,000 scientists from all around the globe, in which the study relied on verified data published in Scopus database and Elsevier on multiple set of criteria as follows: - Criteria #1: Number of research papers published in scientific journals indexed in verified databases as Scopus and Web of Science. - Criteria #2: Number of citations for each researcher and papers indexed - Criteria #3: Quality of published research papers The classification was published on Elsevier international website including two lists: - List #1: Top 2% researchers in the previous year - List #2: Top 2% researcher throughout their scientific career