Monday 3/10/2022
Al-Ahliyya Gymnastics Team player achieves the Bronze Medal at the FIG World Challenge Cup 2022

The player of the National Gymnastics and Al-Ahliyya Gymnastics Teams, Saleem Naghoj won the Bronze Medal on the Vault in the World Challenge Cup for Gymnastics which was held on Sunday 2/10/2022 on its fifth round in the Hungarian city, Szombathely. Naghoj managed to earn the Bronze Medal on the Vault where he scored the third place in the final round with a score of (14.200). The Canadian player Leandry Saff scored the second with the same score, while the Chinese player Taipei Wei Sheng scored the first with a score of (14.599). This medal is the first medal in the World Challenge Cup and the World Cup series for the player Saleem Naghoj. Moreover, it is the third medal for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in these two championships, in which the player Ahmad Abu Al-Soud earned two Bronze Medals with the Pommel horse during the tours of Varna and Cairo.