Monday 15/8/2022
Graduation Projects for our Architecture Students among the Best Top 100 Projects in the World

Our Architecture Department at our Architecture & Design Faculty achieved a global accomplishment by including two graduation projects of its students’ in the top 100 list of graduation projects for the year 2021 worldwide through the International “Tamayouz Excellence Award” Competition for Architectural Graduation Projects. The listed graduation projects were: - “Transcendence to Democracy: Power of Message Freedom of Speech” project by Eng. Maryam Al-Abed under the supervision of Dr. Saba Al-Nseirat - “ATEEQA – Al Baqa’a Environmental Education Center” project by Eng. Teeba Thiyab under the supervision of Dr. Shaden Abu Safiyeh It is noteworthy that the Tamayouz Excellence Award has recently launched the "Best Graduation Projects Worldwide Platform” as part of this initiative to highlight the outstanding projects prepared by architecture students from all around the world. This platform consists of a database that will annually cover and display the top 100 projects submitted to the Tamayouz Excellence Award for Architectural Graduation Projects.