Wednesday 10/8/2022
Al-Ahliyya Amman University holds a seminar on Traffic Safety in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate

The Deanship of Student Affairs at our University held an awareness seminar under the title “Traffic Safety” in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate represented by the Community Police Department (CPD) and the Jordanian Traffic Institute (JTI). The Seminar took place at the Hourani auditorium with the participation of more than 100 students from various faculties. Dr. Khaled Al-Sheyyab, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs started the seminar by welcoming the officers of the Public Security Directorate and all attendees. Dr. Al-Sheyyab emphasized the willingness and eagerness of all national security services to provide a safe and secured life; and from here, the need arises to spread continuous awareness lectures carried out by the Community Police Department and the Jordanian Traffic Institute in the field of public and traffic safety. Captain Motaz Al-Majali from the Traffic Institute underlined the importance of all Jordanian society in having sufficient awareness of the dangers that may threaten public and traffic safety through certain committed practices during graduation ceremonies, such as bullets shooting and walking on the roads which puts the lives of citizens in risk. Moreover, Captain Nour Al-Din Al-Othman from the Community Police Department also highlighted the main cause of traffic accidents, which is the human element, representing 98% of the causes of traffic accidents in Jordan. Hence, stressing the need to spread full awareness among all vehicle drivers on safe driving, periodic maintenance of vehicles and most importantly speed control. Major Eng. Mohammed Al-Daboubi from the Jordanian Traffic Institute concluded the seminar by emphasizing drivers ethics, commitment to speed limits and the importance of surveillance camera on roads to control speed violators and ensure traffic safety.