Wednesday 8/6/2022
Introductory lecture for students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University

In order to integrate the students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology with business incubator activities, the faculty hosted the director of the business incubator at the university, Dr. Omar Abdul Jaber on Monday, June 6, 2022, in the faculty of postgraduate studies hall in order to introduce the importance of the incubator and how students can benefit from it through competitions and projects organized by the incubator. Dr. Abdul Jaber presented the activities of the incubator and how ideas are transformed into business entrepreneurship and productive projects, where he also explained the support offered by the university in addition to providing facilities and opportunities for all students to benefit from the ongoing activities of the incubator. The Dean of the Faculty, Professor Dr. Reda Shibli, spoke about the importance of supporting new ideas and touched on the example of the project (Gorcom) which started with a small idea which is a virtual vegetable market that sells agricultural products, which saves the trouble of dealing with intermediaries in the central vegetable market. Dr. Sobhia Suaifan, Head of Agricultural Technology and Genetic Engineering, spoke about the importance of staying up to date with incubator activities and encouraging students to achieve unique success stories such as the project of converting plant waste into different environment products. Raya Al Sharif of the business incubator presented its pioneering project to develop skin care products, which has become a competitor in the local market.