Monday 6/6/2022
Dr. Zeina Alami of Al-Ahliyya amman University participates in the arbitration of jubilee school students' projects

Dr. Zeina Mahdi Alami, Head of Journals Department at the Deanship of Scientific Research, recently participated in discussing graduation projects for students at the Jubilee School of the King Hussein Foundation for the academic year 2021/2022, which vary in their fields between scientific, literacy and arts. It is noteworthy that the projects submitted are required to be aimed at solving the global and local problems of society and that the ideas be innovative as the graduation project is a mandatory requirement of several other requirements for student to complete the Jubilee requirements; where students start learning scientific research skills and preparation for graduation projects in the tenth grade. Students are required to conduct scientific studies and research related to subjects, field research studies and surveys and community development, which follow the scientific methodology of design, research and study. The Jubilee School has partnerships with Jordanian public and private universities in this field. This year's arbitration was attended by a group of specialists from multiple universities, school graduates and a group of civil society specialists.