Sunday 5/6/2022
Al-Ahliyya Amman University’s Basketball Team qualifies for the second round of the "Blink" league for Jordanian universities

The univerity’s Basketball Team qualified for the second round of the Jordanian University Basketball League for students "Blink League for Universities" leading the third group with a full mark by achieving three consecutive victories over Al Balqa Applied University, Mu’ta University and Yarmouk University at the end of the first round of the tournament held during the period 15 to 31 May 2022. At the beginning of its journey in the tournament, the team managed to achieve its first victory at the expense of Al Balqa Applied University (58-31) where Nader Mustafa won the title of best player in the game, while the university team managed to achieve its second victory over the University of Mu’ta (89-65) where Fadi Awwad won the title of best player in the game, and in the last game "Struggle for the Lead" the university team continued its series of victories at the expense of Yarmouk University with a score (73-62) where Nader Mustafa won the title of best player in the game for the second time In the first round, to qualify for the second round leading group 3 with 6 points and Yarmouk University came in second place with 5 points, and the University of Mu’ta with 4 points and Al Balqa Applies University with 3 points. The university team is preparing in the next round to face Yarmouk University, the Jordanian University of Science and Technology and the University of Jordan during the period 17 to 24 July 2022, and looks forward to crossing into the third round of the championship competitions "Ranking Role" through which the presence of many experts and players of the national teams and premier league clubs. The university team in this championship is consisting of: Fadi Fahmy Awwad, Nader Ahmed Mustafa, Abdul Karim Hatem Khudesh, Hamza Tariq al-Taher, Fayyad al-Taher, Osama Hamdi Al-Awaisha (Faculty of Educational Sciences), Ahmed Mohammed Nuba, Amir Nizam Ahmed, Yazid Mari Al-Ghafel (Business School), Mohammed Hashim Abu Warda (Faculty of Architecture and Design), Abdullah Saqr Abu Tawahina (Faculty of Nursing), Rashid Mohammed Noman (Faculty of Engineering) and Qusay Ghassan Abu Ramadan (Faculty of Information Technology).