Sunday 5/6/2022
Dr. Dirar Al-Daboubi of Al-Ahliyya Amman University Law School participates in the 12th International Conference on Maritime Law and Policies in the United Kingdom

Responding to the invitation of Prof. Jason Chuah, International Trade Law and Maritime Law Expert, Dr. Dirar Al Daboubi represented the university in a research paper on guarantees for the transport fees of goods by sea at the 12th International Conference on Maritime Law and Policies, which was held at the University of London jointly organized by the London Universities Research Group for Maritime Law and the China-European Society of International Trade, with the support of the world's most renowned publishing houses for books and legal research: -Thomson Reuters (Sweet & Maxwell) -Lawtext Publishing The paper submitted by Dr. Dirar Al-Daboubi was the only paper by a representative of an Arab university, and is among 19 research papers submitted by a number of lawyers and arbitrators in the field of maritime trade as well as academics represented by a number of prestigious universities such as: 1. ?Queen Merry, University of London 2. University of Edinburgh 3. University of Swansea 4. University of Southampton 5. University of East Anglia 6. London Metropolitan University 7. City, University of London 8. University of Northumbria 9. University of Roehampton 10. University of Macerate 11. University of BI Norwegian Business School 12. Jaume I-University, Castellon