Tuesday 24/5/2022
Law Students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University Visit the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission

The university organized a visit to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission as part of its plan to interact with the local institutions and its keenness to educate students about the standards of national integrity and their important role in applying the basic principles which the university seeks to empower in them, the most important of which are justice and the rule of law. Dr. Muhannad Hijazi, Head of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Council, assured students that corruption crimes are among the most serious crimes targeting the security of countries and societies because of the negative effects and serious consequences they create on the social and economic levels. During his opening speech with the students, he also explained the importance of the role of universities in creating comprehensive awareness among students to create a conscious and patriotic generation capable of combatting corruption, praising the role of law students in spreading standards of national integrity among their peers in educational institutions to establish and utilize them, noting that these students will become future colleagues, including lawyers, judges and legal counsels, and will have many responsibilities towards their homeland and society. A number of directors of the Commission’s organizational units provided detailed explanations about their work in law enforcement, integrity and prevention, and the functions of the new directorates and departments, explaining the mechanism for investigating complaints filed to the Commission. They also demonstrated the most prominent and updated national strategic projects for integrity and anti-corruption 2020-2025, in addition to national integrity standards and types of corruption crimes, focusing on the crime of nepotism and favoritism as one of the most serious crimes that weaken patriotism and belonging. At the end of the meeting, the Commission conducted an introductory tour for the students to the departments and units of the Commission, during which they were briefed on the mechanisms of action and the Commission’s role in law enforcement through the Directorate of Investigation, the Financial Investigation and Money Laundering Units and the protection of whistleblowers, witnesses, and experts, in addition to the Directorate of Digital Support and the Criminal Evidence Laboratory.