Thursday 7/4/2022
Lecture by poet Islam Samhan at Al-Ahliyya Amman University

Under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Professor Dr. Nael Al-Sharaa, and in the presence of the Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Sawsan Badrkhan, and a number of faculty members and students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a lecture entitled "Writing in visual and written media" was held and presented by poet Islam Samhan of Ro’ya TV Channel, on Monday, 28th March, 2022, at the Mahmoud Darwish Coliseum at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Samhan started the lecture by talking about the importance of writing in our daily lives as a means of self-expression and communication with others, where in writing we disclose feelings and emotions, and deliver information, ideas, opinions and news. He also pointed out the types of writing that vary depending on the purpose, such as functional writing used in research and summaries, and creative writing used in stories, novels, and poetry, in addition to media writing which is used in news, investigations, talks, commentaries and press reports. Mr. Samhan explained that each type of writing has its own language, style and form that distinguishes it from others. The lecture and dialogue between the audience and the lecturer was moderated by Dr. Hafeeza Mahmoud.