Tuesday 29/3/2022
Awareness Session on the Specialization of Hospitality Management and Culinary at Al-Ahliyya Amman University

With the aim to raise awareness among schools and students about the importance of tourism and the hotel industry and their effect on increasing the kingdom's gross domestic product, Al-Ahliyya Amman University held an awareness session for private schools’ university coordinators on the hospitality management and culinary program offered by the University's Business School. Ms. Mais Al Kurdi, Marketing and Public Relations Officer of the program, welcomed the audience, and Mr. Amin Al-Arda, Head of the Hospitality and Culinary Management Program, gave a detailed explanation of this specialty and the reason for its creation and its importance in supporting the tourism sector in general and hotels in particular, in addition to its role in raising and advancing the standard of this field, spreading tourism awareness, as well as working to rehabilitate Jordanian workers to replace foreign workers, where this sector provides 55,000 jobs approximately. The attendees expressed their interest in this major and their willingness to encourage students to specialize in it, as the university will conduct field visits to several schools and meet students face-to-face to talk more about their interests and work to motivate them to join this distinguished major.