Tuesday 22/2/2022
Faculty of Agricultural Technology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University holds workshop in smart agriculture

Under the patronage of the President of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Dr. Sari Hamdan, the Faculty of Agricultural Technology organized a workshop entitled "Smart Agriculture and Production Efficiency" on Monday, February 21, 2022, at Hourani E-Learning and Integrated Education Auditorium. At the opening session, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Dr. Redha Shibli, delivered a welcome speech in which he highlighted the vision of the faculty. Such vision aspires to keep up with the topnotch agricultural technologies and stand up against the global challenges in food production and achievement of food security. He also applauded the efforts of the university in providing an innovative and stimulating educational environment for students that enables them to invest their capacities in the smart agriculture field. The Smart Agriculture and Production Efficiency Workshop is part of the activities of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology Technology and Genetic Engineering, and within the efforts for interaction with scientific and research bodies and national institutions in Jordan. It aims to introduce participants to the topic of smart agriculture and its economic and environmental importance, and to update participants with the requirements of smart agriculture. Moreover, the workshop aims at involving students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology into the activities of the faculty. To this end, speakers with extensive experience in topics on smart agriculture, such as smart agriculture and climate change, smart agricultural technological solutions, and smart agriculture and entrepreneurship, participated in the workshop, in addition to the participation of successful farmers from the private sector who showcased their successful experiences in the use of smart farming systems. Representatives of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), deans of the faculties of agriculture and land, scientists and researchers from Jordanian public and private universities, also attended the workshop. All (48) participants stressed the importance of this workshop in adding qualitative value to the topics of agricultural technology and their importance in transforming the agricultural sector into a vital and sustainable industrial and investment sector. At the end of the workshop, participants engaged in a public discussion in which recommendations were made, the most important of which was the need to qualify farmers to adopt applications of smart agriculture and activate the national strategy for food security by inventing innovative solutions and promising projects. In conclusion, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Redha Shibli, thanked the participants for their valuable contribution and invited them to participate in the upcoming activities of the faculty.